USA Today: How 3D Immersive Reality Training Will Help Close the Skilled Labor Gap

This is an excerpt of an article that was first published by USA Today

GRAPEVINE, TX, April 26, 2024 – The United States is in the grips of a skilled labor shortage triggered by the Silver Wave of aging baby boomers and exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although some industries have begun to normalize, manufacturing, construction, and the skilled trades are facing a worker shortage of catastrophic proportions.

BILT Intelligent Instructions offer a transformative approach by providing interactive 3D instructions accessible through mobile and spatial computing applications. These instructions facilitate comprehensive training in assembly, installation, maintenance, and repair processes across a spectrum of manufacturers.

Gen Z employee upskills and onboards with 3d immersive training on the BILT app to learn Siemens electrical products

Research underscores the efficacy of immersive training, revealing substantial reductions in training time, heightened confidence levels among trainees, and enhanced retention of top-tier talent. Moreover, immersive training such as the BILT app for Apple Vision Pro holds the promise of diminishing training costs, amplifying operational efficiency, augmenting productivity levels, fortifying employee satisfaction, and nurturing workplace safety protocols.

This type of 3D guided work not only benefits employers and employees alike but also engenders superior-quality products and services, thus elevating the overall consumer experience.

By embracing immersive technology solutions like BILT, companies can equip their workforce with essential skills in a timely and effective manner to address the critical shortage of skilled labor while simultaneously ensuring operational excellence and customer satisfaction. In essence, immersive reality training emerges as a pivotal tool in navigating the contemporary labor landscape and fostering sustainable growth across industries.

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