Empower Your Customers

Beyond 3D interactive instructions, BILT perfects the post-purchase experience.

A new app that changes everything

It’s the BILT millions of users know & love…
optimized for Apple Vision Pro.

BILT for Apple Vision Pro features:

  • Immersive content in a blended environment
  • 3D overlay animation
  • Hands-free guidance & control
  • Seamless transition to instructions across devices
  • FaceTime-enabled remote support

How BILT Impacts Your Business

  • Boosts star ratings
    up to
    .75 star
  • Raises Net Promoter Score up to 40pts
  • Increases review volume up to 6x
  • Reduces support costs up to 35%
  • Improves sales conversion up to 30%

How BILT Helps Your Team

Your customers appreciate BILT, and your stakeholders will too.


Increase add-to-cart & conversion rates

Customer confidence affects purchase decisions. SKUs with BILT on the product detail page see up to 60% higher add-to-cart & 30% higher conversion rates.

Reduce returns

Consumers often return products fraught with friction. BILT reduces assembly-related returns up to 35%.


Slash calls to customer service

Not only do call centers receive up to 35% fewer calls on products with 3D instructions, but BILT helps shorten the calls they do receive.

Drive sustainability

3D instructions can be updated in near real-time so they’re never obsolete. BILT helps reduce paper waste.


Grow product registrations

Users who follow 3D interactive instructions are up to 6x more likely to register products than those who use paper instructions.


Improve with a true feedback loop

Insight into the set-up process can fuel improvements to product design & manufacturing. The BILT portal provides user analytics to close the feedback loop.

The BILT Process Overview

We work proactively to empower your customers right out of the box.

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