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Amplify your Ratings & Reviews with the BILT & Bazaarvoice Partnership

Our partnership with Bazaarvoice will enable mutual customers to seamlessly syndicate user ratings and reviews captured in the BILT app to more than 1,750 retail sites globally in the Bazaarvoice Network.

Improve your star ratings
The BILT experience has proven to improve star ratings by up to two stars compared to paper instructions. With syndication, your BILT reviews will positively impact star ratings on your own website and the retailers within the Bazaarvoice network.

Secure your reputation
Both BILT and Bazaarvoice work diligently to ensure review integrity. BILT verifies user generated content with several proprietary methods, which have been vetted by the Bazaarvoice team. Bazaarvoice features an industry-leading ensemble of machine learning services, backed by a team of 250+ moderators to ensure review content is appropriate and relevant before it is syndicated.

Boost SEO
Search engines reward high-quality user generated content. Leverage your BILT reviews to maximize your digital presence and give your website an immediate SEO boost.

Translate your reviews
The Review Translations tool within Bazaarvoice facilitates easy review translation into 38 languages. Research indicates as many as 40% of customers will not complete a purchase if they can’t read review content in their native language. Improving accessibility maximizes the impact of every single review, taking SEO and conversion rates to the next level.

To syndicate content, brands must be clients of both BILT and Bazaarvoice.

"Customers who assemble with the BILT app have a better experience and reward us with higher star ratings and positive reviews. This is huge in a competitive industry like ours. We asked for review syndication and BILT listened. We could not be happier to see our content syndicated to our retail partners in the Bazaarvoice network."

Integration Roadmap
We are actively working on adding BILT integration partners to benefit our clients. If you have an integration need, please consult with your BILT brand Support Team. We prioritize based on client requests.

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