BILT Launches Immersive Guidance for Apple Vision Pro

Training & enablement platform is optimized for spatial computing

GRAPEVINE, TX, February 7, 2024 – BILT, the creators of 3D Intelligent Instructions, is releasing a new app for Apple Vision Pro. The platform that delivers turnkey guides for assembly, installation, maintenance, and repair is now available on the App Store for visionOS. BILT instruction designers are transitioning thousands of interactive mobile guides from hundreds of brands into 3D models that can virtually leap into the real world.

“Blending 3D images with the physical world onto an infinite canvas with Apple Vision Pro will transform technical training and enablement,” says BILT Chairman & CEO Nate Henderson. “With almost ten million unfilled jobs, we’re in the throes of a skilled labor crisis. Combining best-in-class hardware and software will help recruit and train a new workforce faster.”

BILT benefits on Apple Vision Pro:

  1. Seamless transition across devices: Integrated BILT content on visionOS allows users to transfer conceptual information to practical application on site. Whether using Apple Vision Pro in the field or accessing guidance on an iPhone or iPad, BILT supports technical training from the classroom to field operations.
  2. Immersive learning: Technicians can gain experience in a safe and dynamic setting. With the freedom to move around and through 3D models, users are more focused and engaged. This increases understanding and muscle memory, reducing ramp time. Technicians can train without the physical product on site, saving costs.
  3. 3D overlay guidance: Users can overlay a digital twin onto real equipment to highlight instruction animations, leaving virtually no room for error.
  4. Hands-free control: Voice and gesture commands keep users’ hands free for the tools required on the job. There’s no need to hold a manual, paddle, or mobile device.
  5. FaceTime-enabled support: Technicians can collaborate quickly, which shortens support calls and hold times. Apple Vision Pro facilitates remote problem solving by sharing the perspective of the tech on the job.

“This will catalyze enablement for military and medical personnel as well,” says BILT President & COO Ahmed Qureshi. “It’s exponentially easier to use than any other platform.”

“Blending 3D images with the physical world onto an infinite canvas with Apple Vision Pro will transform technical training and enablement."
headshot of BILT co-founder Nate Henderson
Nate Henderson
Chairman & CEO, BILT Incorporated

About BILT: 

BILT provides 3D Intelligent Instructions, creating and delivering interactive content for iOS and Android, and now turnkey guided work instructions for visionOS. The award-winning platform revolutionizes the DIY experience as well as professional training and operational enablement. BILT is accessible, sustainable, and efficient.

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