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A new app that changes everything

It’s the BILT millions of users know & love…
optimized for Apple Vision Pro.

BILT for Apple Vision Pro features:

  • Immersive content in a blended environment
  • 3D overlay animation
  • Hands-free guidance & control
  • Seamless transition to instructions across devices
  • FaceTime-enabled remote support

Save Money. Save Lives.

XR enables learning through mistakes without the real-life consequences. BILT for Apple Vision Pro brings field operations into the classroom.

Ahmed Qureshi

“BILT for Apple Vision Pro will disrupt XR training for military and medical personnel. It’s exponentially easier and more realistic than any other platform out there. The applications are endless.”

Ahmed Qureshi President & COO BILT Inc.

Key Findings from a 2023 XR Survey of Active-Duty US Military:

  • 74% say XR training provides a recruitment edge
  • 76% say XR allows trainees to complete training faster
  • 81% say XR increases confidence & cultivates muscle memory
  • 76% say XR training helps them better prepare for stressful situations
  • 70% say XR helps them retain top talent

How BILT Improves Your Organization


Ensure readiness

With interactive 3D animation, BILT is easier to understand than paper manuals or instruction videos. Enhanced standardized training helps warfighters learn their jobs quickly, safely, and correctly.​


Improve with data & analysis

Discover readiness insights you’ve never had before. BILT provides data to revolutionize the way you track compliance, competency, and safety. Near-real-time feedback produces insight for continuous readiness improvement.

Update instructions in near real time

No need to reprint manuals with every change or edit. BILT can be updated in near real time. We work with you to monitor data and feedback for continuous improvement.​


Protect instructions

Secure access codes protect instructions from unauthorized users.

Available on or off the grid

BILT is available on or off the grid in 10 languages and 174 countries. Once BILT instructions are downloaded to a device, no internet connection is necessary.


Go green

Thousands of instructions can be downloaded to a single mobile device saving space, weight, and fuel.​

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