3D interactive mobile (SaaS) Intelligent Instructions® to support digitization and readiness

Award-winning commercial solution now available to the federal enterprise


Sharpen Mission Readiness

BILT enables today's users where they’re most competent—on a mobile device, where they can tap the touchscreen for details about a part, pinch to zoom in, and drag to rotate the 3D images 360º. BILT facilitates quick understanding in even the toughest field conditions.

Improve Training Accuracy & Safety

Users learn skills the right way the first time, with voice, text and image guidance from approved instruction sets. Supervisors can track steps to ensure adherence to safety warnings.

Reduce Skill-Up Time

BILT has proven to reduce time needed to learn new skills and serves as a convenient reference guide for procedures that are performed infrequently.

Benefit from Cloud Hosted Instructions

The lightweight BILT platform is cloud hosted, which enables maximum speed, scalability, and flexibility.

Receive End-User Feedback

Maintainers can submit suggestions for improvement based on field experience in varying conditions.

Update Instructions in Near Real Time

Forget about reprinting thousands of instruction manuals. BILT instructions can be updated almost instantly. Insight from metrics allow BILT instruction designers to continuously improve the instructions in near real time.

Access without WiFI

Hundreds of 3D interactive instruction sets can be downloaded to a single device and accessed without WiFi, saving space, weight, and fuel.

Learn from Data Analysis

BILT provides a portal for program managers and front-line leaders to evaluate training progress & competency with quantifiable data and feedback from users.

Track Registered Users

Record logins to ensure compliance and security.

Centralize Universal Work Packages

Approved work packages from official sources on BILT means all authorized users can easily access the same information anytime, anywhere.

Estimate Resource Requirements

Accurately estimate manpower and time needed to complete tasks. Estimates improve with more data.

Protect Sensitive Instructions

Access codes protect instructions that are for government use only.

Available Worldwide 24/7

BILT is available around the globe, both on and off the grid in most locations.

Lower Carbon Emissions Through DigitIzation

BILT addresses digitization efforts and go-green initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and support sustainability efforts through the reduction of paper manuals.

“BILT makes us more efficient because the instructions help my crew know what to expect from every job. They get the right materials in the right order and there’s less going back and forth. BILT helps us get the job done faster.”

— Sue Nigg, Senior Project Manager at Chandler Inc.

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