BILT for Apple Vision Pro

Empower your workforce with 3D Immersive Instructions™.
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Immersive Content in a Blended Environment

  • Technical professionals can gain proficiency in a safe & dynamic setting
  • Move 3D models through 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF)
  • Reduce ramp time & learner mistakes
  • Improve muscle memory, focus & engagement
  • Increase creativity, confidence & problem solving
  • Overcome the need for hands on physical products

BILT 3D Overlay Guidance

No Room for Error

  • Pull the 3D model into your real space
  • Affix 3D model over the real product
  • Create a semi transparent digital twin
  • Follow simultaneous animated guidance
  • See exactly what to do & where to do it

Hands-Free Guidance

  • No need to juggle manuals, paddles, or mobile devices
  • Use eye tracking & hand gestures to select parts & tools
  • Manipulate 3D models with voice commands
  • Zoom in & rotate for just the right perspective
  • Move around the 3D models to heighten understanding

Seamless Transition to Mobile

  • Access content on Apple Vision Pro or mobile devices
  • Distribute 3D Interactive Instructions on mobile for broad usage
  • Download BILT on iOS or Android for use without Wi-Fi
  • Update instructions in near-real time


  • Share the perspective of the tech on the job
  • Problem solve via FaceTime
  • Facilitate real-time guidance remotely

Trusted by Top Brands

Siemens, Weber, Q-Cells, solo stove, The Home Depot, Breville, Walmart

BILT creates and delivers your content into the industrial metaverse

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