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Interactive digital work instructions transform how field service technicians, manufacturers, and maintenance, repair and tech support teams get more work done right the first time.

What is BILT Pro?

A secure global mobile platform for digital work instructions that bridges skills gaps & enables training on the go

Pro technician with iPad using BILT digital work instructions
“When I take my finger and rotate the image 360 degrees on the BILT app, that’s when they get it. That’s the ‘ah-ha’ moment, when they can visualize the specific details of the area — from the product, to the frame, to the next step, to the wire-connection — everything.”
Rodger Schmidt
Technical Trainer with ASSA ABLOY

How BILT Digital Work Instructions Improve Your Business

Ramp up faster​

Techs need clear instructions for new processes or infrequently performed jobs. Help them get it right the first time.​

Retain more employees​

Increase satisfaction and reduce turnover with empowered employees.

Create bi-directional feedback​

BILT analytics, powered by near real-time user feedback, delivers insights for product and process engineering teams.​

Increase efficiency with time & resources ​

Pros don’t want to waste time on hold. BILT reduces calls to customer service and shortens the calls they do receive​.

Protect your assets

Secure access codes protect the instructions that are used only for your professional team.​

Foster sustainability

Never reprint or redistribute instructions again. Field techs always have the latest version.​

Empower Your Team Today

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What Pros Say About BILT

Fewer frustrations. Faster finish.

Rodger Schmidt

Technical Trainer at ASSA ABLOY

“BILT is like having an on-site trainer for products that technicians may not install frequently.”

hes assa abloy logo to accompany BILT client gallery for government and pro

Michael Webb

GM at Emtek, Schaub, HES

“Using the BILT app we know will help our tech service group help our customers to easily understand how to install these products…It’s also awesome for our training group… and our sales reps.”

Sue Nigg

Project Manager at Chandler Inc.

“BILT makes us more efficient because the easy instructions help my crew know what to expect from every job. They get the right materials in the right order and there’s less going back and forth. BILT helps us get the job done faster.”

Sinkology logo

Chris DeVillers

Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Sinkology

“We decided to launch The Josephine on BILT and while selling the most per week in units online, The Josephine has the lowest return rate of all sinks by a long shot. Phenomenal reviews, installation, and star ratings. BILT is worth every penny and we have decided to move our whole product line onto BILT for our consumers to have a perfect installation experience for every Sinkology product.”

Jeremy Kliniske

Project Manager at Signature Retail Services

“BILT saves hours, not minutes… it’s putting money in your pocket.”

Jeffrey Granath

General Manager at Sargent Manufacturing

“The ability to utilize 3D interactive instructions and zoom in, zoom out and rotate the view provides reassurance that you have installed a product correctly. This leads to fewer operating problems…and fewer callbacks.”

Alec Perkins

Electrician at Commonwealth Electric

“Half a day’s work can be done in half an hour.”


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