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“BILT for Vision Pro is the award-winning app millions of users love, now optimized for spatial computing. Blending 3D images with the real world will transform not only the DIY customer experience, but technical training and enablement for professionals... It’s the future.”

Nate Henderson Chairman & CEO, BILT Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BILT is a customer experience platform that provides official 3D interactive instructions with voice, text, and animated guidance for thousands of products from hundreds of brands.

BILT’s expert instruction designers work with manufacturers to create an empowering set-up or training experience.

BILT’s 3D interactive instructions are available on the free mobile BILT app.

At the end of every instruction set, users are invited to leave a rating and review. This user feedback helps BILT instruction designers identify unclear steps to continuously improve the instructions over time.

The award-winning BILT app revolutionizes assembly, installation, set-up, maintenance, training, and repair with 3D interactive Intelligent Instructions® that are guided by voice, text, and animated images.

iPad displaying interactive product instructions screen in the BILT app. Beside it is an iPhone displaying the product overview screen in the BILT app. The BILT app shows how many people, how much time, and how many steps are required for assembly, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, or repair for thousands of product instructions.

Each product overview shows how many people,  how much time, and how many steps the project entails. Users see the tools required and parts included. The instructions gently direct users step by step through the task. Tap the touchscreen for details about a part. Zoom in and out for optimal understanding. Rotate images 360 degrees for just the right perspective. Easily register the product, upload a receipt, and track the warranty. Instructions are never obsolete and can be updated in near real time. 

Yes, the BILT app is free to users, both DIYers and professionals. Premium brands and manufacturers provide the BILT experience for their products because it increases customer satisfaction, reduces frustration, and assists customer support in efficiently managing calls.

Better instructions lead to happier customers. Happy customers are more likely to purchase again, tell their friends, and leave better reviews. 

Additionally, the 3D interactive instructions on the BILT app reduce product returns and customer support costs. 

Best of all for consumers, the reviews gathered in BILT shed valuable insight into the instructions process. Together with BILT instruction designers, brands work to improve their instructions and product design over time by learning from user reviews gathered in the BILT app.

Brands showcase BILT on their websites and retail partner sites to reassure customers the set-up experience will be simple and supported.

Simply search “BILT” in the Apple App Store or Google Play and download it to your smartphone or tablet.

iPhone displaying the BILT app home screen

Yes. Brands choose to work with BILT to provide a premium experience. They pay for and approve the BILT 3D instructions for their products. That way, the brands can keep track of the most correct and up-to-date version.

Brands trust BILT’s instructions designers to create simple, straightforward, and organized projects.


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