Frequently asked questions

For BILT app users

BILT 3D instructions are official instructions paid for by brands and created by BILT’s in-house design team. All BILT instructions are hosted in the BILT app mobile devices. The BILT app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play on most mobile devices.

Brands that have chosen BILT instructions typically inform customers by featuring BILT download information on their instruction manual. Many also put the BILT logo on their outer packaging and websites. 

Users can also search the BILT app by brand or product name.

BILT does not require a sign-in to access instructions.

Users may choose to create an account in order to save a receipt, register a product with the manufacturer, and access product warranty information anytime. 

The App Store or Google Play may require users to sign in before downloading any app.

Users need a touchscreen in order to interact with the BILT app. Mobile apps provide the highest level of convenience. Users can take instructions with them wherever they work — it’s power in your pocket. Currently BILT is available for most Android and Apple devices.

BILT was founded in 2015 to provide a revolutionary experience for consumers and professionals.

BILT was founded by Nate Henderson, Ahmed Qureshi, and Paul Ratcliffe.

Together, they guide BILT’s vision and team to innovate the future of customer experience.

BILT headquarters and Global Brand Support Center is located in Grapevine, Texas.

The BILT app interface is available in ten languages. The app will default to the selected language of your device. If you choose to use BILT in a different language than your phone or tablet settings, you can adjust the language within the BILT app settings.

Brands determine which languages they translate their instructions to based on product availability.

Search by the brand and model name or number. If you can’t find your product, please contact us at

In some cases, brands restrict instruction usage by geographic location in order to minimize confusion. For example, fuel connections on grills are specific to certain regions. However, occasionally products are sold outside of their intended markets. We can easily adjust the country availability for BILT instructions so please reach out.

Our support team works seven days a week from 8:30 AM-5:30 PM Central Time (GMT -7). Please email or call 1-800-517-BILT (2458) to reach our service team.

Yes, BILT helps reduce printed waste, particularly for brands that eliminate paper manuals. For example, Chamberlain® announced they will save 92.4 tons of paper (an estimated 2,217 trees) per year by digitizing their instruction manuals with BILT.

The BILT Toolbox is a handy collection of useful instructions that are not brand-specific. Users can learn how to repair a toilet, jump start a car battery, change a tire, tile a bathroom floor, and many more.

Pro tip: Download the vehicle repair instructions now! You never know when you’ll be stuck at the soccer fields in the rain with a car full of hungry kids and a weak cell signal.

For all organizations

BILT guides users in three ways — with voice, text, and interactive 3D animation. Our in-house instruction design experts analyze and simplify each step in the instructions for maximum clarity. Users can advance or repeat each step at their own pace.

No matter an individual’s learning preferences, BILT has it covered.

BILT has proven to increase accuracy, safety, and efficiency for any step-by-step process.


Production times depend on the following:

  • How quickly you send us the product sample and CAD. Our preferred format is a dot.X_T, but .STP and .STEP files are acceptable.
  • The complexity of the instruction set based on number of steps and difficulty
  • The speed of your internal review process

We typically complete an instruction set in a few days, but depending on complexity, it can take on average 1-3 weeks. No implementation or IT integration is necessary.

Generally, the marketing or customer experience team works to coordinate BILT upgrades. No IT integration is needed. To get started, all we need are the CAD files from engineering, a product sample, and any existing paper or video instructions. We take care of it from there. We will work with your marketing and packaging contacts to ensure your customers know of your BILT experience differentiator.

Pricing is composed of an initial set-up fee, which is based on project complexity, and an annual subscription fee for hosting instructions.

Publicly available BILT instructions allow unlimited users so you get the most return on your investment. 

When requested, BILT instructions can be protected with secure access keys. In these cases, BILT may restrict usage to protect the client’s interests.

BILT works with major retailers, consumer packaged goods companies, and professional, industrial, and commercial industries to create instructions for assembly, install, maintenance, repair, training, and store operations (to name a few). Pricing is applicable to single items or procedures, category rollouts with bulk commits, and more. Please contact us to discuss your unique situation.

You will receive:

  • A 3D interactive instruction set hosted on BILT
  • BILT marketing assets to incorporate as needed. This includes artwork for digital and print.
  • A marketing video short showcasing your BILT instruction procedure and directing users to your instructions in BILT. The video short can be used anywhere you market your products.
  • Access to product analytics, including download statistics, NPS score, star rating, product reviews and average assembly times per step.

Optional offerings include content for 2D (paper) output, instruction set in multiple languages, review syndication, and advanced analytics and insights.

Yes, our clients can choose to restrict BILT instructions with secure access keys. This is typically used to protect sensitive information or proprietary training processes.

For Government Organizations

BILT currently works with the following Federal entities:

  • U.S. Air Force
  • U.S. Navy

Our team at BILT creates BILTs for assembly, installation, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting procedures.

No, BILT does not currently work on classified projects.

BILT has worked on multiple Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts. Please reach out to our Federal team at for details.

Through BILT’s current Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts, anyone in the Federal Government may sole-source contract with BILT.

Visit our BILT Government page for details on how BILT 3D instructions boost readiness by increasing accuracy, efficiency, and speed.

BILT is currently available on Android and iOS, and a Microsoft version is in development.

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