The Financial Impact of Inefficient Training: How to Address Turnover, Quality, & Operational Output

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GRAPEVINE, TX, May 8, 2024 – Training is indispensable across all sectors of the economy and plays a critical role in industries like manufacturing to continually reinforce safety and efficiency. Thanks to technological advancements, the increasing complexity of tasks necessitates ongoing training. This poses a significant financial burden on companies. Inefficient training not only wastes resources but also leads to dissatisfaction among employees and managers, ultimately contributing to higher turnover rates.

The post-pandemic era presents unique challenges, including the impending retirement of a significant portion of the workforce (the “Silver Wave” of baby boomers reaching 65), the turnover inconsistencies of millennials and Gen Z workers, and the reshoring of manufacturing jobs to America. These factors exacerbate the need for effective training programs.

Gen Z electrician uses the BILT app for on the job training

To overcome these challenges, companies must adopt innovative approaches to training. Extended Reality (XR) technology, the blending of the virtual and the physical worlds, offers immersive experiences that accelerate learning and significantly enhance comprehension. Additionally, utilizing cleaner and more accessible training materials, such as those provided by BILT 3D interactive and immersive instructions, ensures information is effectively conveyed to diverse learners.

Companies should carefully consider their training and accommodate for different preferences and learning styles. By embracing blended learning approaches, trainers can optimize effectiveness and cater to individual needs. Investing in cutting-edge tools like BILT enhance the employee experience, accelerate onboarding, and improve efficiency.

Improving training not only enhances operational output and quality but also fosters employee loyalty and retention. By implementing effective training initiatives, companies can set their workforce on a sustainable path towards success in the dynamic business environment of the future.

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