Customer Success Stories

“We decided to launch The Josephine on BILT and while selling the most per week in units online, The Josephine has the lowest return rate of all sinks by a long shot. Phenomenal reviews, installation, and star ratings. BILT is worth every penny, and we have decided to move our whole product line onto BILT for our consumers to have a perfect installation experience for every Sinkology product.”

Chris DeVillers,
VP of Sales & Marketing, Sinkology

“The BILT interface is user friendly and it is easy to use. Through viewing 3D animated install instructions in BILT, it will enhance user experience and [make it] easier to install the faucet.”

Clare Lin
Hsue Sam Enterprise

“At Canadian Tire, we’re hyper focused on the success of our consumers. When launching a premium BBQ brand, Vermont Castings, we knew we wanted the absolute best for our consumers, which is why we decided to partner with BILT for the assembly experience. So far, the results have been amazing, with +80% NPS and all grills exceeding +4.5 Stars. We are excited to continue to develop our partnership with BILT to ensure our consumer is having the best experience possible.”

Katie Shaw
Brand Manager, Canadian Tire

“What I like about BILT is that it’s very straightforward; so user-friendly! I feel like I can do this – it’s a no-brainer. BILT does its job of making the assembly look easy and less daunting.”

Brooke Ganci
Business Manager, Carbonell Marketing Associates for Yotrio

BILT saves hours, not minutes…it’s putting money in your pocket.

Jeremy Kliniske,
Project Manager, Signature Retail Services

“Before we implemented BILT, we would receive a lot of installation related calls, and we were drastically understaffed to answer the calls with our growing business. We implemented BILT and the calls died. Now, if anyone calls about installation, we first ask if they have downloaded BILT and if they haven’t, we tell them to go download BILT and call us back if they have any trouble … They don’t call back!”

Jeff Jordan
VP, Southern Audio Services

“BILT Instructions is one of the better things I’ve seen in awhile. This is really gonna help. It’s not just something else to do; it’s actually going to make a difference!”

Monte Hall
President, Summerwind International

"I'm telling you, I could easily engineer a space craft if they had the directions on BILT. I will look on BILT and for products that use BILT first from here on forward."

— 5-Star review of the Adjustable Courtside Portable, Strong Arm, Slam-It Basketball Hoop by Lifetime Products

Customer Case Studies

BILT 3D Intelligent Instructions affect purchase decision & reviews

Manufacturer exceeds 22x ROI & drives extensive rollout