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VintageView Enhances Pro Installation, Enables DIYers & Reduces Support Costs

VintageView designs and manufactures modern, label-forward wine racks for both home and commercial displays. Learn how they simplified professional installation, added design flexibility, and reduced customer support calls, which allowed their team to focus on sales.

metal wine storage display with wine labels facing forward in modern home
VintageView wine storage logo for BILT case study on efficiencies


Improve instructions and innovate the installation experience to support contractors working off the grid


Upgrade from paper manuals and videos to BILT 3D instructions


An increase in both pro and DIY capability and reduction in installation-related customer service calls

VintageView designs and manufactures modular label-forward wine storage solutions for homes, restaurants, and liquor stores. Their award-winning display systems transformed the industry by moving wine bottles out of the cellar and into an architectural design feature. Because the company is committed to providing premium products and an impeccable customer experience, they searched for ways to make installation easier.

To allow for maximum design possibilities, VintageView products come in a variety of patented display mediums. Each project is customized, so the challenge was to create instructions that make each step clear and understandable, no matter the component configuration or design choice.


While VintageView’s explainer videos were adequate, whenever instructions required updates, the team had to produce new video, which was time consuming and expensive.

“If our brand standards change or we decide to do something new, it’s just a pain…and costs a lot of money to have that (video) reshot,” says Vice President of Global Marketing Jacob Harkins.

The interior designers, custom builders, contractors, and architects incorporating their wine racks most often work on construction sites without Wi-Fi capability. They needed a solution that would work offline.

The sales team fielded all installation-related customer service calls. For first-time contractors, that often required a significant time commitment from the sales reps.

Vice President of Sales Jessica Blais wanted her team to focus on closing sales rather than answering service calls. “My salespeople are really expensive, and their time is very valuable.”

It just makes our lives so much easier for both our contractors, designers, architects, and the DIYer that we weren't expecting to use this.
Jessica Blais, Vice President of Sales at VintageView
Jessica Blais
Vice President of Sales, VintageView

Better Customer Experience for D2C & B2B

VintageView partnered with BILT to create intuitive 3D instructions that are easy to understand, simple to update, and can be used without Wi-Fi.

Within the app, users follow voice, text, and animated images through each step. Installers can go at their own pace, skip ahead or backwards, or instantly replay a step. They can tap on a part or tool for information, zoom in, and rotate images to get the just the right angle.

VintageView added BILT demos to their ecommerce product detail pages, which give customers an opportunity to preview instructions during the design phase. A clear understanding of the process builds customer confidence and showcases the quality of VintageView’s racking solutions.

In addition to direct-to-consumer sales, VintageView provides pro contractors with information about BILT to help trade account partners understand the benefits of using 3D interactive instructions.

Play Video about Jessica Blais stands in front of VintageView metal wine racks at the International Builders' Show

Increased Efficiency

VintageView discovered that DIYers and ecommerce customers who use BILT make fewer calls to customer support which allow sales reps to focus on closing deals rather than answering phones and explaining instructions.

BILT benefits trade account partners by reducing time on task and preventing costly mistakes like cutting steel components incorrectly. When a new product launches, VintageView directs contractors to the BILT app. With 3D instructions downloaded to a mobile device, contractors can go confidently to the job site knowing the tools required, time needed, and how to proceed step by step.

Harkins recommended BILT to a new contractor working on a 24-hour deadline on one of VintageView’s most complex installations. Harkins was concerned when he didn’t hear back from him the next day so he gave him a call. The contractor’s response: “Oh, that was a breeze. We’re all good.’”

I felt like a rockstar. . .It takes the fear out of it by allowing you to really engage with the instructions.
Jacob Harkins
Vice President of Global Marketing, VintageView

Flexibility & Product Expansion

When the VintageView team updates a product or needs to make a change to the 3D instructions, they simply inform their BILT brand support team who can typically make the change within 24 hours. This gives VintageView more flexibility with their product design and update deadlines.

VintageView initially started with just a few products on the BILT app and now provides 3D instructions for nearly every product. They enjoy a superior customer experience akin to the impeccable support they provide to their clients.

“The implementation was really great and the customer experience is really great with BILT,” says Blais.

Beautiful. It's a great program. For us as professional assemblers, I would highly recommended. It updates automatically, and if you can't find a product then you're not looking in the right places cuz everything is there.

Review of BILT in Google Play, 5 stars

Wow, what a great app! With the 3D pictures and ability to zoom in and out and move the image along with the description of each product and tool, ANYONE can build with confidence. I wish more products would utilize this app.

Review of the BILT in the App Store, 5 stars

It’s nice to have the instructions before you start putting it up so you can see what you’re getting into and prepare for it.

Review of BILT in the App Store, 5 stars

This app was helpful. I read this before I started so I knew how to lay out parts. Great app.

Review of BILT in Google Play, 5 stars

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