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Springfree Trampoline Takes Customers Higher

Discover how Springfree Trampoline partnered with BILT to provide an exceptional customer experience for both consumers and professional installers.

Girl jumping on Springfree Trampoline in a suburban back yard
Springfree Trampoline logo BILT case study


Create a premium brand experience for DIY and professional installers


Use BILT to guide customers and pros through a successful and safe installation


Calls to customer support decreased while installer training speed and efficiency increased

Springfree Trampoline is a premium brand that takes pride in manufacturing the world’s safest trampolines. Their patented design eliminates 90% of trampoline product-related injuries by removing the springs as well as the steel frame at jumping level.

Alongside safety, the Springfree leadership team is focused on delivering the best possible customer experience for their products. Their mission is to empower families to get outside, be active, stay safe, and make memories.

The Challenges

With more than 15 years in development, Springfree Trampoline is an industry innovator. While reviews for the company and their products are consistently excellent, the team identified an opportunity to improve the set-up experience. Consumer questions about assembly guided the process.

The company provides white glove installation service, but many customers choose to assemble their Springfree themselves. That number increased during the pandemic.

DIY Set-up

Most steps in the Springfree assembly process are straightforward and easy to follow. One area the customer satisfaction team wanted to improve upon was the steps in the assembly process that involve connecting the mat rods to the frame and jumping mat. The rods are strong and flexible, engineered for optimum bounce, but in order to assemble them correctly, the proper body positioning and weight distribution is important.  Two people work in tandem. Springfree’s team wanted to communicate those steps in a way that would be easy to understand.

“You can have the best product in the world, but if it’s not assembled correctly, it won’t perform to its peak, or, at worst, can be unsafe,” says Springfree Vice President of Marketing, North America France Jacot.

“We’ve tried video. We’ve tried paper instructions. BILT has, far and away, received the best response from our customers,” says Belinda Southgate, US marketing manager.

Pro Set-up

It is imperative for Springfree to provide clear and detailed instructions, not only to their DIY customers but also to their professional crews. BILT was perfectly positioned to help Springfree bring their assembly experience into harmony with their premium product. The ease of 3D interactivity is intuitive for this generation of installers who are comfortable and competent on their mobile devices. They can follow procedures step by step or scroll forward to find the exact step they want to see.

"Our national installers utilize BILT in the field. It’s a great resource."
Springfree Trampoline US Direct Sales Manager Jeff Motl
Jeff Motl
Springfree Trampoline Direct Sales Manager, US

The Solution

After determining self-assembly to be an opportunity for improvement, Springfree partnered with BILT to improve the assembly experience.

BILT instruction designers collaborated with Springfree engineers to develop humanoids to demonstrate the proper physical positioning and weight distribution for both installers during the mat rod steps.

After determining self-assembly to be an opportunity for improvement, Springfree partnered with BILT to improve the assembly experience.

BILT instruction designers collaborated with Springfree engineers to develop humanoids to demonstrate the proper physical positioning and weight distribution for both installers during the mat rod steps.

The BILT app provides:

  • 3D animated instructions
  • Voice & text guided explanation
  • Image rotation & zoom capability
  • Easy instant replay

The 3D app also provides additional information including warnings, cautions, tools required, parts included, and warranty information.

Springfree trampolines are often purchased for special occasions, so it’s important to customers to minimize the time spent on assembly and installation. With the BILT app, customers can complete these tasks more quickly than with paper manuals or instructional videos.

“Whether it is the start of summer, Christmas, or a birthday, the last thing anyone wants is a negative experience during those important celebrations. Our goal is for children and family to get out and jump safely. BILT contributes to the overall experience,” says Jacot.

Play Video about Springfree Trampoline Vice President of Marketing France Jacot in a case study about BILT and customer experience

Introducing Customers & Other Stakeholders to BILT

To maximize their return on investment, Springfree communicates the benefits of using the BILT app in the following ways:

  • Digital assets
  • Packaging
  • Post-purchase emails
  • Call outs on paper instructions

Research indicates the more touchpoints available to the end user, the greater the adoption and more the user feedback available for the brand. Springfree distributors and retailers add BILT callouts and marketing content to their websites as a selling point for their customers.


By partnering with BILT, Springfree Trampoline improved the assembly experience and training. The 3D interactive instructions provide a technological tool to enable both DIYers and professionals.

“BILT helps to alleviate pain points our customers were experiencing with self-installation,” says Springfree’s Director of Customer Satisfaction Jeremy Lukas. He says those who are daunted by paper instructions find that BILT’s self-guided interactivity is a game changer. It gives users the opportunity to manipulate the images to help them work through the process in an understandable way.

The company has seen a significant drop in calls to customer support — especially related to the mat rod installation where the BILT humanoids demonstrate body positioning. “We’ve actually seen our number of self-install calls specifically decrease on that one step,” says Jacot.

Not only has Springfree noticed a reduction in calls to customer care teams, but representatives report the 3D app allows them to provide better assistance and shorten the calls they do receive. By directing customers to a specific step in BILT, they find they can troubleshoot and provide answers more efficiently.

Third party installers use BILT to improve training in the field. Springfree’s network of employees and third-party installers rely on the 3D app to remind them of steps that vary from product to product. This is particularly helpful for Springfree’s broad line of trampolines and accessories.

Today, Springfree provides BILT instructions for their entire line of trampolines.

“Our little boys are ecstatic about our new trampoline, and it’s a great assembly experience. No pinched fingers with springs…perfect for our four-year-old and seven-year-old.”

After assembling a Medium Oval Springfree Trampoline with BILT, NPS=10

“Do EXACTLY like it says. Following these instructions makes it SO much easier!!!”

After installing the Large Oval Trampoline with BILT, NPS=10

“Our Easter gift to kids. Great app to explain how to put it together. Definitely a two-person job!"

After assembling the Medium Oval Trampoline with BILT, NPS=10​

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