Fleet Maintenance: In Wake of Silver Tsunami, Shops Must Turn to New Training Technology

This is an excerpt from an article that first appeared on Fleet Maintenance.

GRAPEVINE, TX, May 15, 2024 – The impending “Silver Tsunami” of baby boomers reaching retire age is inordinately affecting the technician sector. The Department of Labor anticipates the need to train nearly 100,000 automotive and diesel mechanics each year for the next decade. The upskilling of new recruits from younger generations necessitates the implementation of innovative training methods immediately.

As nearly 7% of the workforce is expected to retire in the next two years, companies are turning to extended reality (XR) training and 3D instructions to engage new technicians effectively. The shift towards immersive training solutions is crucial as traditional methods prove inadequate for the upskilling and cross-skilling of younger technicians. Better technology is attractive to younger generations and an effective tool for recruiting and retaining workers, especially amidst the influx of complex vehicle technology.

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Electrician uses the BILT app for Apple Vision Pro for step-by-step instructions on Siemens electrical products

BILT caters to the learning needs of both current and future technicians. Their spatial computing app on Apple Vision Pro gives trainees access to interactive, customizable guides, animations, and specifications digitally overlaid in real space to enhance the learning experience and job proficiency.

BILT’s mobile app is ideal for field operations where untethered guidance is more appropriate and technicians want to access instructions via phone or tablets. By leveraging immersive training tools tailored to industry needs, companies can effectively address technician turnover and ensure a skilled workforce for the future.

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