BILT is Freedom


BILT means Assembly Instruction Freedom
At first glance, that seems like a pretty bold statement. After all, it’s a product assembly and maintenance app, right? Well, yes. But it's really much more. So let’s break it down. How can BILT set you free? BILT tells you everything up front; how much time it takes, what tools you need and if you'll need anyone else to help you get the job done. You won’t get halfway in and realize you need another set of hands or a screwdriver   ...Read more


Intelligent Instructions™ in 33 Countries


KELLER, TX, January 20, 2017 – BILT is now available around the globe, as the latest release of the award-winning app, version 3.2.1 is available in both iOS and Android. The update features enhanced customer satisfaction scoring tied to the Net Promoter Score system and an improved registration workflow across all platforms. BILT is dramatically different from other 3D videos: Intelligent Instructions™ provide analytics from app users. BILT is free to consumers and technicians in 33 countries including all 28 countries of the   ...Read more


Seeing is Believing


new way to assemble
Imagine you're in the dark beneath your sink trying to remove your old faucet in order to install a brand new model.  Your shoulders are wedged between the Cascade and Formula 409 and as you begin, you realize you're looking up at something that doesn't remotely resemble the manufacturer's paper instructions you just studied. You wiggle out, find the manual and attempt to decipher the drawings and reconcile them with what's actually under there. You crawl back in and flip over   ...Read more


Why is the BILT App So Important?


Bilt app assembly instructions reduce stress
Are you a visual person? Do you need pictures instead of just a list of 20-30 written instructions? We at BILT app are visual people. We use the app so we don’t have to read instructions and imagine a bookshelf being created in our heads. Because a bookshelf could look many different ways. We don’t like looking at daunting lists, we would rather look at pictures and 3-D interactive models. Paper instructions are something of the past, according to the ABC Signup   ...Read more


Our Favorite Apps For Business In 2017


top business apps 2017
Did you know that according to Mashable 49% of business owners were using smartphones as early as 2010? That number has since risen and will continue to increase as our world becomes dominated by smartphones. The good news? There are lots of useful apps that have been expertly developed to solve the pain points business owners often experience. Did we mention most of these apps are free? The time could not be better for business owners and entrepreneurs to take   ...Read more


Holidays with BILT


Did you get a grill that didn’t come assembled? Did you buy a new crib or stroller for the little one that needs assembly? Was your holiday restful and relaxing, or did the frustrations of forgotten batteries, impossible assemblies or lost pieces ruin some of the rejoicing? Whether it’s Christmas Eve or the arrival of a new baby, one of the most stressful aspects of the busy, blessed, happy event is the assembly of the stuff. Parenthood comes with a lot of gear. The last thing   ...Read more


How IKEA Instructions Could Go From Worst to Best


improving Ikea assembly instructions
IKEA sold $35,700,000,000 worth of merchandise in 2015--that's billion with a 'B'. As of 2008, it is the world's largest furniture retailer. With the resources of that magnitude, you'd think they could offer a little better assembly experience. After all, it's an integral part of their product, i.e., the part most people despise. Don't get us wrong; we love IKEA. They introduced us to creative and simple designs, drove prices down, (competition is always good for the customer) and turned furniture shopping   ...Read more


What is a Warranty and How Can We Help?


Bilt App Assembly and Warranties
According to, a warranty is defined as: A statement or promise, made by the party insured, and included as an essential part of the contract, falsity or non-fulfillment of which renders the policy void.   The Power of Digital Warranties How many of the products you have bought for this holiday season come with a warranty? We have almost 70 products that have detailed instructions. Within our app, there are different things that a customer can do. One of the things that our   ...Read more


Why Paper Instructions Are Outdated (And What You Can Do Instead)


outdated assembly instructions
Have you ever ordered a product online or at the store and when you tried to assemble it at home the paper instructions weren’t helpful? You aren’t alone, according to ChargeBack one of the top ten reasons why customers return products has to do with this issue. When you purchase something like a bike, outdoor grill, baby stroller, or anything else that requires assembly you want to get the job done right the first time. For many customers trying to   ...Read more


How to Decrease Customer Returns


How Product Manufacturers Can Decrease Customer Returns
One of the most expensive costs of doing business as an online retailer is customer returns, according to Shopify the return rate for online products can be as high as 50%! So why are these returns so high and how can online retailers (and other businesses) avoid these costs? Amazon is spearheading the way with liberal returns policies including free returns, in order to compete in the online retail space I’m sure you’ve felt the pressure to follow suit. What   ...Read more


Interactive Instructions Make Customers Happier


make customers happier with easy assembly instructions
With the world expanding, customer service has taken on more and more priority for companies. If a customer is unhappy with a service or product, he has the privilege and right to move on to another company. This makes the world of business more and more competitive and always looking for the next big thing. For the world of assembly, that next big thing is BILT. The BILT app will make customers much more satisfied with a company’s products because BILT   ...Read more


How to Measure Customer Satisfaction


Need to Improve your Customer Satisfaction? Have you ever contacted customer service to refund your purchase or resolve an issue and they didn’t seem to care? You aren’t alone. According to Help Scout, 80% of organizations say they offer superior customer service, however, only 8% of their consumers agree with that statement. This can be a very damaging problem for any organization large or small as most consumers will never do business with them again after a bad experience. We don’t have all   ...Read more


BILT Partners with Red Sand Technologies


BILT ecosystem growing at the speed of trust KELLER, TX, October 26, 2016 -- BILT Incorporated is pleased to announce a partnership with Red Sand Technologies of Mesa, Arizona. Headed by Bill Thompson, the firm has more than 15 years experience in the Fortune 500 Technologies space. "They say business grows at the speed of trust. Well, Nate and I have known Bill for 40 years. There is nobody we have more confidence in," said BILT President & COO Ahmed Qureshi. "The three of us   ...Read more


Why Good Assembly Instructions Get You More Customers


Good Assembly Instructions Matter
Have you ever purchased something online or at the store, opened it at home and found yourself perplexed at how to assemble or use your new item? This can be an extremely frustrating experience for even the mildest mannered of people. It is especially frustrating when the instructions are vague and there is little customer support or online resources for customers to turn to. In this article, we are going to show you how to avoid enraging your customers, improve   ...Read more