Teeter Builds Customer Confidence with Easy Set-Up Experience

The precision and details needed to assemble Teeter’s machines are critical to ensure safety and functionality. Discover how Teeter partnered with BILT to instill trust in their brand to help with sales and customer experience.

Teeter provides 3D BILT instructions for assembly
woman hanging upside down on a Teeter Inversion Table


Build consumer confidence to overcome assembly anxiety


Create an easy experience for set-up that highlights Teeter’s commitment to customers


Customer confidence increased, and calls to support plummeted

Teeter Fitness is a company that set out to help people find relief from back pain through the use of inversion tables and other fitness machines. With products intended for both gym and at-home use, customer experience and safety is a top priority for this fitness brand.

Overcoming Doubt

The leadership team at Teeter Fitness understood that the assembly process is a big part of the first impression and overall experience of their products. This is especially true for their inversion equipment, which requires the customer to hang upside down on a machine they partly have to put together themselves. Whether the customer is a gym owner or someone in their own home, the machines have to be put together precisely to ensure safety and functionality.

Teeter needed to find a way to provide the customer with an assembly process that instills trust in the product and the brand. The many parts and complex instructions for Teeter products posed a challenge for customers when the company simply offered paper instructions. There was an opportunity for the customer to better interface with the product during the assembly phase—the part of the overall customer experience that has the potential to make or break it.

Additionally, product assembly was a common hurdle in the sales process. Most potential customers got caught up asking questions to understand if assembly would actually be simple, how long it would take, and if they would be able to assemble the machines correctly.

“Our paper instructions don’t compare to the experience you get when using the app—they can’t connect with the customer in the same way”
photo of Rylie Teeter
Rylie Teeter
CEO, Teeter Fitness

The Solution

Teeter partnered with BILT and used BILT 3D instructions to overcome the hurdle of self assembly for their products. They were able to provide their customers with a detailed, step-by-step assembly process to give assurance that the product is something that the customer can trust. With clear instructions, diagrams, zoom, and rotating features for each step of the process, Teeter is able to provide a more comprehensive customer experience during assembly.

They provide BILT as a way of demonstrating to their consumers that they want to help them get their new product put together and ready to use as soon as possible. The out-of-the-box experience is critical to Teeter’s success, and BILT instructions are intended to help customers with a seamless and safe process to get their machines up and running.

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By partnering with BILT, Teeter provided a premium experience that boosted customer confidence in their own abilities.

“When customers see we have a feature like BILT, they know we have their back,” says Rylie Teeter, CEO.

Today, Teeter features BILT instructions for their entire line of fitness equipment.

Assembly was the best. The BEST I’ve ever had. The package labeling,the tool needed, the steps to do what what just enough, understandable and just right. Everything fit, perfectly.


After assembling the Teeter FitForm Strength Trainer with BILT, NPS=10

Excellent step-by-step instruction. I like that you can zoom into the pictures to see specifically how the bolts are aligned.


After assembling the Teeter Inversion Table FitSpine X3 with BILT, NPS=10

Amazingly easy assembly using the BILT app. Much easier than reading directions. High quality parts. This is built to last.


After assembling the Teeter Inversion Table FitSpine X2 with BILT, NPS=10​

With the BILT app, anyone could put this together without worrying.

Julio Rivera

After assembling the Teeter Inversion Table LX 9 with BILT, NPS=10

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