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Teeter Builds Customer Confidence with Easy Set-Up Experience

Precision and proper technique are required to assemble Teeter fitness equipment. Clear instructions are critical to ensure safety and functionality. Discover how Teeter partnered with BILT to instill trust in their brand and empower their customers.

Teeter provides 3D BILT instructions for assembly
woman hanging upside down on a Teeter Inversion Table


Boost consumer confidence to overcome assembly anxiety


Create an easy set-up experience that reflects Teeter’s commitment to its customers


Customer confidence increased and assembly-related calls to support decreased

Teeter is a family-run company dedicated to helping people enjoy life without back pain. The founder, Roger Teeter, suffered from debilitating pain for years and found relief through inversion. The company is focused on quality, safety, and innovation. Their products include inversion tables, fitness machines, sit-stand desks, and home gym equipment.

Overcoming Apprehension

The leadership team at Teeter recognized the out-of-the-box assembly experience is key to creating a positive first impression of their products. Many Teeter customers already suffer from back problems, so the task of assembling a large and unwieldy piece of equipment can be frustrating and even daunting. The company wanted to instill in customers a sense of quality engineering as they unpack and inspect the parts and ensure consumers could assemble their equipment properly for safe and optimum functionality.

“Remember,” says Roger Teeter. “They’re going to hang upside down, secured by their ankles on something they’re going to partly put together? You’ve got to be kidding me, there’s some insecurity there.”

Teeter looked for a way to provide an assembly experience that not only instills trust in the product and the brand, but also engenders confidence in the customer’s own ability to set equipment up correctly without hurting themselves. Paper instructions and DVDs posed a challenge because of their lack of detail and the fact the view is limited by the camera angle. Often consumers complained to service representatives that they didn’t have a DVD player or computer available in the room where they planned to set up the equipment. Updating instructions also proved difficult when the company made engineering improvements or developed better techniques for putting the parts together.

Product assembly was a hurdle in the sales process. Many potential customers got caught up asking questions about product set up including how long it would take and if they would be able to assemble the equipment safely and correctly at home.

“Our paper instructions don’t compare to the experience you get when using the app—they can’t connect with the customer in the same way”
photo of Rylie Teeter, CEO of Teeter and BILT client
Rylie Teeter
CEO, Teeter Fitness

The Solution

Teeter partnered with BILT to provide 3D instructions for their inversion tables, fitness equipment, desks, and exercise machines. Within the app, customers have interactive instructions at their fingertips on a mobile device. Users can pinch to zoom in and out, tap on a part or tool for more information, and rotate images 360 degrees for just the right perspective. They can follow steps in order, instantly replay a step, or skip ahead with precise control. They can use voice and text guidance or rely on the 3D interactive images alone.

“BILT gives the impression of being a leader, of having a mature product, well-thought out and engineered,” says Roger Teeter. “It gives strong reassurance that this product is something I can trust.”

The company listens to customer feedback to continuously innovate their products and to improve the customer experience. The response to BILT has been so positive, CEO Riley Teeter uses an iPad during her sales pitches on the Home Shopping Network to demonstrate BILT’s 3D instructions.  “It was a game changer for us,” says Riley Teeter. “Because I know assembly is a huge hurdle for a customer when they’re looking at a big piece of equipment, even if they’re excited about the potential results they can see themselves achieving with the product.”

Play Video about Roger Teeter in gym setting


By partnering with BILT, Teeter provides a premium experience that boosts customer confidence in their own ability to get new products set up and in use as quickly as possible. “When we show customers how easy the assembly process can be it takes that obstacle away,” says Riley Teeter. “It results in more sales.”

“When customers see we have a feature like BILT, they know we have their back,” says Rylie Teeter, CEO.

Today, Teeter features BILT instructions for their entire line of fitness equipment.

Assembly was the best. The BEST I’ve ever had. The package labeling,the tool needed, the steps to do what what just enough, understandable and just right. Everything fit, perfectly.

After assembling the Teeter FitForm Strength Trainer with BILT, NPS=10

Excellent step-by-step instruction. I like that you can zoom into the pictures to see specifically how the bolts are aligned.

After assembling the Teeter Inversion Table FitSpine X3 with BILT, NPS=10

Amazingly easy assembly using the BILT app. Much easier than reading directions. High quality parts. This is built to last.

After assembling the Teeter Inversion Table FitSpine X2 with BILT, NPS=10​

With the BILT app, anyone could put this together without worrying.

After assembling the Teeter Inversion Table LX 9 with BILT, NPS=10

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