RTA Outdoor Living Innovates Backyard Entertaining with 3D Installation

GREENLAND, NH, October 5, 2022 – As summer evenings begin to cool off for backyard entertaining season, RTA Outdoor Living is making it faster and easier for DIYers to upgrade their patio or deck space. They’re partnering with BILT to provide 3D animated guidance on how to install their outdoor kitchens. Interactive instructions on the free BILT app help homeowners assemble backyard grill islands, fire features, countertops, appliances, and bars.

Core to the RTA (ready-to-assemble) Outdoor Living system is a simplified alternative to custom outdoor masonry. By providing free access to a design tool and expert one-on-one assistance, and BILT’s state of the art instruction app, RTA reduces the project timeline from months to weeks, and installation from days to hours.

This partnership between BILT and RTA aligns perfectly with RTA’s ongoing commitment to leverage technology, not only internally, but externally to improve the customer experience.

“RTA’s installation is now as cutting-edge as their engineering,” says BILT Chairman & CEO Nate Henderson. “Their commitment to the customer experience is unmatched in the industry.” He says the outdoor kitchens take two to four people just two hours to assemble.

The BILT app shows the hardware and parts included as well as the tools required for the job; it guides users through each step, from uncrating through installation with voice, text, and 3D animations. Users can turn the images 360 degrees for just the right perspective. They can zoom in, tap on a part, skip ahead, and instantly replay steps.

“We’re excited to partner with BILT because the app is so user-friendly,” says RTA Outdoor Living Director of Operations, Kevin Margera. “It empowers our customers to get set up and ready to entertain faster than ever!” He says the goal is to convert customers into raving fans. The company has a 5.0 Google review rating with more than 175 reviews.

About RTA Outdoor Living:
RTA (ready-to-assemble) Outdoor Living was born from a desire to empower homeowners to create ideal outdoor spaces that encourage gathering and human connection. Our outdoor living features, manufactured in the heartland of America—Cambridge City, Indiana—achieve this purpose. At its core, RTA’s product line is a simplified alternative to outdoor masonry. Through this approach, we avoid the high costs associated with building outdoor kitchens from scratch. Our easy-to-install options make the luxury of an outdoor grill island attainable to everyone. More information is at RTAOutdoorLiving.com.

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