HPC leads the fire pit industry with BILT 3D instructions

Fire pit installation and in-field troubleshooting just got infinitely easier with a partnership between BILT and HPC, the world’s largest gas fire pit manufacturer.

The BILT 3D Installation and Troubleshooting Guide is an interactive app that visually guides the installer or field technician through every stage of the installation and servicing of any HPC gas fire pit. 

“It’s essentially an installation manual in 3D automation,” says HPC CEO Sean Steimle.

The free app, which works on any smart phone or tablet, uses detailed 3D computer-generated graphics to illustrate dozens of procedures related to fire pit installation and servicing. For instance, the guide shows how a gas line is safely connected to a fire pit. The app can even be downloaded for use when working at a site where internet connectivity is inconsistent.

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