DFW startup app is revolutionizing assembly for consumer products

The Grapevine-based company is getting traction from massive companies with an app that’s garnered high marks.

Dallas, TX, February 12, 2020 — “I thought the app was fantastic and absolutely helped me assemble the grill with reduced frustration – and it likely helped me assemble it faster:’ Viglucci said in an email. “I would absolutely like to see more companies use BILT . … As a product, in general, it was very innovative.”

Grapevine-based BILT is getting more momentum as stories from folks like Viglucci stack up.

The company is bringing cutting-edge, graphical software tools to the laborious and sometime mind-numbing process of assembling household items. Whether it’s a baby-changing table with dozens of parts or a bed with bulky pieces, consumers are increasingly tackling projects that can gobble up weekends and co-opt much of their living room floors.

“We learned earlier on that if you create a customer experience that makes it so easy that a teenager can do it, you’re going to be right 99 percent of the time:’ CEO Nate Henderson said in an interview. “The breadth of things that you’re being presented with now gets pretty wide very, very fast. Our whole point is, ‘Let’s make everyone an expert at what they do when they need to become an expert.”‘

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