3D Instructions Increase Product Safety, Accessibility & Sustainability

Orlando, FL, February 20, 2020 — Stakeholders in the product safety community attend the annual International Consumer Products Health & Safety Organization (ICPHSO) Conference to exchange information and discover emerging trends. BILT Incorporated is offering regulators and compliance officers enhanced safety options and inclusiveness, and the means to go green.

The ICPHSO Annual Meeting and Training Symposium is a forum for industry leaders from the manufacturing, import, and retail sectors, as well as standard-makers, consumer organizations, academics, test labs, and international product safety experts. Showcasing 3D interactive instructions for assembly, installation, maintenance, and repair provides decision makers with a high-tech alternative to paper manuals and how-to videos. Forward-thinking brands partner with BILT to enable a superior customer experience, increase product safety, and boost consumer confidence. BILT’s 3D instructions not only make assembly and installation easier, they also reduce set-up time and error.

“Clarity enhances safety,” says Ahmed Qureshi, BILT President & COO. “If a picture is worth a thousand words, BILT’s 3D instructions are worth a thousand pictures. They remove the guesswork of interpreting a poorly written or badly translated manual or worse, a two-dimensional diagram with no words at all. Interactive 3D instructions result in a more confident consumer.”

Teeter is just one example of a company that provides set-up instructions for their inversion tables via the BILT app. “When it comes to assembly instructions, it’s really important. They’re hanging upside down secured by their ankles on something they’re gonna partly put together? You’ve gotta be kidding me. There’s some insecurity there,” says Founder Roger Teeter. Because their customers may already suffer from an injury or chronic pain, Teeter provides instruction sets on paper, video, and DVD, but considers the 3D BILT app their premium instruction medium. “BILT is an amazing tool. Paper instructions cannot compare with the experience you get on the app.”

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