BILT Wins Pro Tool Innovation Award for Technology

3D instruction app improves upskilling, job training & productivity

GRAPEVINE, TX, September 19, 2022 – Even experienced professionals need instructions for new tasks or jobs they don’t do often. A new generation of workers wants training delivered where they’re most comfortable and competent: on a mobile device. The 10th Annual Pro Tool Innovation Awards (PTIA) announced today that BILT Intelligent Instructions® won the top prize in the general technology category. BILT provides 3D interactive digital work instructions with voice and text for assembly, installation, maintenance, and repair via a free mobile app. Each year, contractors, tradesmen, and media professionals select best-in-class solutions to drive progress and promote innovation in the construction, landscaping, and manufacturing industries. “BILT’s a game changer for a new generation of tradesmen,” says BILT Chairman & CEO Nate Henderson. “Even a novice can complete a job correctly, quickly, and safely with BILT’s 3D animations that can be manipulated on a touchscreen.” He says BILT makes contractors more profitable by enabling upskilling on the go and reducing time on task as well as return trips to fix mistakes. BILT also lowers customer support costs up to 35 percent.

BILT instructions are available around the globe in ten languages. Millions of users turn to BILT for official instructions for thousands of products for hundreds of brands. The 3D instructions can be downloaded to a single mobile device, saving space, weight, and fuel and can be accessed without Wi-Fi. BILT supports corporate green initiatives; brands like the Chamberlain Group are reducing paper waste up to 70 percent by going green with BILT.

“The constant striving we see from manufacturers and product managers who seek to innovate each year is amazing,” says Pro Tool Innovation Awards Executive Director Clint DeBoer. He says this year’s PTIA winners showed increased efficiency, safety, and jobsite productivity. BILT gives contractors a project overview predicting how much time and manpower each task entails.

BILT also provides manufacturers with user data and technician feedback to fuel continuous improvement for products and processes. The platform gives brands the option to protect instructions with secure access keys. Instructions and warning labels can be updated in near real time, so workers have the must accurate information before starting a job.

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