Former USAF contracting leader to help navigate federal growth opportunities

GRAPEVINE, TX, September 20, 2022 – After 32 years of active-duty military service, the United States Air Force’s most senior contracting officer is stepping into the private sector. BILT Incorporated announced today it will work with Major General Cameron G. Holt, USAF (retired). He is the former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Contracting, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force and Space Force for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics in Washington, DC. His goal is to provide more service members with 3D Intelligent Instructions® via the BILT app. The Software as a Service (SaaS) tool would arm soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and guardians with an award-winning commercial solution used by millions of consumers worldwide.

Three men stand against client logos in the BILT lobby. The men are Ahmed Qureshi, President and COO of BILT, retired Major General Cameron Holt, and Nate Henderson, Chairman and CEO of BILT

Cameron Holt (center) with BILT President & COO Ahmed Qureshi (left) and BILT Chairman & CEO Nate Henderson (right)

“Nobody understands the federal acquisition process better than General Holt,” says BILT President & COO Ahmed Qureshi, who oversees the government practice. “He knows innovation is the key to warfighter readiness.” During the last four years, Holt oversaw a global contracting portfolio valued in excess of $825 billion with more than 8,000 professionals. He was responsible for executing the full range of operational, enterprise sourcing, and major weapons systems contracting worldwide.

Young man in US military field uniform follows BILT 3D instructions on a tablet while working on vehicle maintenance

“BILT is the future of cross-functional agility and maintenance training,” says Holt. “As soon as I saw 3D interactive instructions and the volume of data proving significant gains to both speed and quality of completion of all kinds of tasks, I knew I needed to help get this tool into the hands of every warfighter.” Holt says BILT’s accessibility and ease of use is critical to mission readiness, safety, and one of the keys to the challenge of “multi-skilling” that fuels Agile Combat Employment for strategic competition.

Holt will advise BILT’s government practice that has already won several Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts including a $1.7 million Air Force Ventures/AFWERX Tactical Funding Increase (TACFI). In addition to the Air Force, Navy maintainers at Norfolk Naval Shipyard and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard are pilot-testing 3D interactive instructions with positive results.

“Cameron Holt is an innovator. He understands how BILT can improve warfighter and maintainer upskilling,” says BILT Chairman & CEO Nate Henderson. “His vast experience will help accelerate our efforts to partner with the Department of Defense.”

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