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Whether it’s for assembly, installation, maintenance, programming, or training, BILT helps users get the job done right the first time.

Reduce Returns

BILT has proven to reduce returns by up to 20%. Products requiring over 100 steps or 2-hours of assembly time typically experience an even greater reduction in returns.

Lower Customer Support Costs

BILT reduces the number of support calls by up to 30%. For those still received, call times are shortened because BILT provides part information at the tap of a fingertip, allowing the consumer and the customer support representative to communicate more effectively.

Increase Reviews and Star Ratings

BILT instruction users leave more reviews and give 5% better star ratings than paper instruction users. Brands gather more quality reviews, faster, with BILT. Review syndication is available through our partner, Bazaarvoice.

Notify Customers Instantly

BILT’s Product Recall feature can instantly alert your customers to safety updates or product recalls.

Raise Add-to-Cart and Conversion Rates

According to our retail partners, SKUs featuring BILT on product detail pages have a 60% higher add-to-cart rate and a 20% higher conversion rate.

Update Instructions in Real Time

Forget about reprinting instructions for thousands of units, or facing returns from frustrated customers. BILT instructions can be updated instantly. Your dedicated Brand Support Manager will monitor assembly time data and customer feedback for continuous improvement of your instructions.

Promote Safety

Make instructions as easy as possible. Track steps to ensure users pay attention to safety warnings.

Learn from Assembly Data Analysis

BILT provides assembly & download data that is valuable to your whole business, including engineering, manufacturing, packaging, marketing and customer insight teams. Complete the loop of continuous improvement with real-time, post-purchase customer experience feedback.

Grow Product Registrations

Brands providing BILT instructions have higher product registration rates. BILT makes it easy for your customers to opt-in to hearing from you.

Protect Sensitive Instructions

Access codes protect instructions that are for professional use only.

Help Pros Give Accurate Bids

BILT’s information is based on real assembly analysis and specific product data.

Reach the World 24/7

BILT is ADA compliant and available in 12 languages in 174 countries around the globe, no matter the time of day.

“Phenomenal reviews, installation, and star ratings. BILT is worth every penny, and we have decided to move our whole product line onto BILT for our consumers to have a perfect installation experience for every Sinkology product.”

— Chris DeVillers, VP of Sales & Marketing, Sinkology

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