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Assembly and the Honeymoon

The clock starts ticking... Customers are most likely to talk about a brand within eight hours of finishing the installation or assembly.

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The first 12 hours with a new product are important.  The quicker consumers get to the wow moment, the better.

Why?  Because customers are most likely to talk about a brand within eight hours of finishing the installation or assembly.

If the customer is saddled with a frustrating, enraging assembly experience where they can’t make heads or tails of incomplete, confusing, out of date, or badly translated instructions, it has a tremendous impact on what they are likely to tell their friends in person and on social media.

A Civic Duty

When a consumer has a bad experience right out of the box, it affects how they feel about the product.  The honeymoon is over, almost before it starts.

First impressions last.

Although many consumers leave positive comments, when a product presents a particularly bad experience, some consumers feel it is their civic duty to warn others away from making the same mistake.

According to studies by Userview and the Aberdeen Group, after a bad experience with a product’s instructions, 77% of those surveyed would not buy the product again and 81% would not buy another product from the same manufacturer.

After a bad experience with a product's instructions, 77% would not buy the product again, while 81% would not buy another product from the same manufacturer.

It’s difficult for brands to win consumers back. If a consumer gets so fed up they decide to return the product, it’s an even blacker mark against the brand, because even free shipping and free returns can be a hassle to arrange.  Then there’s the disappointment factor where the consumer has invested time and effort and has nothing to show for it.

Out of the Box & Out of the Window

Assembly and installation have an inordinate effect on a brand’s customer sentiment scores (ratings and reviews) because of that crucial social window.  People will talk about a brand while the purchase is fresh on their minds and the product is news:  “I just bought a Weber grill!” or “Look at my new Weber Jumbo Joe!”

Later, when they mention the product, it’s typically in context of the steak they grilled or the friends they had over for the barbecue. The brand is rarely called out after that honeymoon period is over.

Time is Precious

Brands that provide BILT 3D interactive instructions recognize the time they have with their customers is valuable.  That honeymoon period is precious, and they want to maximize the customer experience and get the customer using the product as quickly as possible. They realize a loyal customer will come back to buy more products from them, they will need less encouragement to buy more products, and they will tell their friends.

Their comments on social media convert other buyers.  They are free salespeople.  Their organic comments are worth their weight in gold.

That kind of consumer-generated content affects a brand’s bottom line since approximately 88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends.

The Aberdeen Study found that manufacturers ranked “Best in Class” for high quality useable instructions saw a 23% increase in consumer satisfaction and an 18% increase in revenue.

Manufacturers ranked "Best in class" for high-quality, useable instructions saw a 23% increase in consumer satisfaction and an 18% increase in revenue.

Promoters as Brand Ambassadors

Bain & Company calls these loyal consumers “Promoters.”  If you look at the companies that use BILT Intelligent Instructions, you will find one thing in common across all of them:  these are companies that are laser focused on loyalty and customer experience.  Brands like Weber-Stephen, NordicTrack, Whalen, Lifetime, Trinity, KidKraft, Home Decorator’s Collection, Backyard Discovery, and ASSA ABLOY partner with BILT to create brand ambassadors of their promoters.  BILT can boost the average Net Promoter Score of a company between 20 and 40% just by revolutionizing the experience their consumers have with assembly, installation, set up, or maintenance. 

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