3D Instructions Ensure Safest, Easiest Fire Pit Set Up for Fall


HPC Fire Inspired™ Revolutionizes Hearth Products Industry Grapevine, TX –  As the weather cools down, the season for tailgating and outdoor entertaining is upon us.  Whether you’re dining on the patio or gathering in the backyard, a blazing fire is always a draw, taking the nip out of chilly autumn air.  If you’re lighting up your fire pit for the first time this season, HPC & BILT are teaming up to provide the safest, easiest set up possible.  Eight instruction   ...Read more


7 Common Mistakes with Product Assembly and Installation Instructions


Consumers perceive assembly instructions as a reflection of product quality. Great product instructions can increase star ratings, prevent safety problems, and reduce returns and calls to support. Poor instructions create customer frustration and cause a shocking percentage of product returns. We’ve also seen the worst-case scenario, where unclear instructions result in incorrect assembly and safety issues. "Was excited to use it, but the assembly took longer than expected. Instructions are very unclear; pictures are blurry. Had to telephone support several   ...Read more


The Customer Support Solution


An interview with Murphy Door CEO Jeremy Barker Question: How has BILT's 3D interactive instructions affected your customers' experience? Jeremy: It's been a huge advantage for us.  It's almost a cheat... that's fair.  It's like how do we stay small and profitable and give everything the customer needs with as little friction as possible?  It's been nothing but that.   Murphy Door CEO Jeremy Barker Ringing off the Hook Question: How has BILT impacted calls to customer service? Jeremy: Our phone calls went from "we can't handle the phone   ...Read more


3 Things We Learned About Reviews in So Far in 2019


Your best marketers are your customers. User-generated reviews can make or break a product’s success, and there’s a tidal wave of statistics to prove it. Here are a few: •    72% of consumers don’t take action until they’ve read reviews•    Reviews can boost conversion rates up to 380% for more expensive products•    97% of shoppers say reviews influence buying decisions•    84% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations•    Millennials trust user-generated content 50% more than traditional media With the myriad of syndication and product sampling options,   ...Read more


God Rest Ye, BILT Assemblers!


God rest ye, BILT assemblers, Let nothing you dismay. Remember, 3D images Will guide you on your way To save you all from wasting time You will not go astray! Oh tidings of comfort and joy, Comfort and joy Oh tidings of comfort and joy! God rest ye, BILT assemblers, Don't fear the task ahead. The free download will help you do The job and get to bed. See how much time, how many steps You need to plan ahead. Oh tidings of comfort and joy, Comfort and joy, Oh tidings of comfort and joy! God rest ye, BILT   ...Read more


BILT Mitigates the Effect of the Tariffs


Preserving the Bottom Line As President Trump's trade war with China intensifies, American manufacturers are bracing for the impact to their bottom line.  Companies who depend on inexpensive imported parts paid 50% more in tariffs than last September--a whopping $4.4 billion.  Manufacturers are wondering how they will absorb a 20% price increase.  In the end, some of those costs will be passed to the consumer while alternative supply chains are created.  While you cannot control economic policy, brands who are using   ...Read more


How to Get a Product on the BILT app


So you've decided to see what all the 3D fuss is about.  How do you get a product on the BILT app?  First, you should identify a hand full of your "problem products", the ones with the highest returns or those that require the most time and energy from your customer support staff.  We love a challenge. Three Simple Things To create BILT Intelligent Instructions®, we need three things:  first, an .stp or .step file for each SKU (if you don't have any 3D   ...Read more


Assembly and the Honeymoon


The Clock Starts Ticking The first 12 hours with a new product are important.  The quicker consumers get to the WOW moment the better.  Why?  Because customers are most likely to talk about a brand within eight hours of finishing the installation or assembly.  So if the customer is saddled with a frustrating, enraging assembly experience where they can't make heads or tails of incomplete, confusing, out of date, or badly-translated instructions, it has a tremendous impact on what they are likely to tell   ...Read more


Reduce Returns Without Banning Customers


The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week that, long considered the gold standard for online customer service, has resorted to banning consumers who return too many purchases.  Amazon famously begins with the consumer in mind;  every step of the customer journey is designed to minimize friction and attenuate pain points.  But the e-giant has an eye on the data and is flagging accounts who may be taking advantage of their benevolent policies. No Soup for You Imagine one Amazon customer's surprise when he received   ...Read more


Spotlight on BILT


Let Your Customers Build with BILT 3D Instructions We like to think outside the box at Movement. This week we are bringing your attention to this amazing way to improve your product and digital marketing strategy if you sell products that need to be assembled by the consumer. It is also super helpful if you have products that need maintenance. BILT is an innovative app that places all of your instructions whether for assembly or maintenance with easy-to-follow 3D instructions on a mobile   ...Read more


What Online Shopping Popularity Means For Us


online shopping popularity
Shopping on the internet has been a growing trend in the past few years. It's important for a manufacturer to be aware of online shopping popularity. Increase online sales leads to a need for more made-to-assemble products to make shipping easier. In June of last year, Fortune wrote, "About 190 million U.S. consumers (more than half the population) will shop online this year. Shoppers now make 51% of their purchases online, compared to 48% in 2015 and 47% in 2014."   ...Read more


How BILT Uses Modern Technology


bilt modern technology
Why Modern Technology Is Important For Business Today Driving Innovation   "Modern technology drives innovation and innovation is the path to business success. Innovation results in smarter apps, improved data storage, faster processing, and wider information distribution. Innovation makes businesses run more efficiently. And innovation increases value, enhances quality, and boosts productivity." Business 2 Community There are many different reasons that modern technology drives innovation. Many new ideas for products and services could not be brought to life without the assistance of technology.  By using   ...Read more


How To Communicate Effectively With Your Customers


how to communicate effectively with customers
Know How to Communicate Effectively With Your Customers   Treat them like a friend The one thing to always keep in mind when communicating with customers is to think of them as a friend of yours. How would you respond to a friend if they were reaching out to you for advice, information, or were asking you for a favor? Usually what a customer needs is one of those three things. Sometimes, it can be hard to deal with angry or upset   ...Read more


How To Inform Your Customers About Your Partnership With BILT


inform your customers about BILT
You've taken all of the steps to subscribe to our service. You've sent us your CAD files and you've paid the production fee to have us convert your files into BILT format. With no need to worry about implementation or integration, you waited a few days for us to finish your instructions. Our partnership is complete. You're excited about this new option that your customers will have when assembling your products. Now what? How Can You Inform Your Customers About BILT? There   ...Read more