Frequently Asked Questions

BILT is an app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play on most mobile devices. One of BILT’s most useful features is the ability to rotate and zoom in on the instructions to get the best view. This level of interaction and flexibility to access and use anywhere is achievable on mobile devices.

BILT is totally free to consumers and professionals. Brands pay to have their instructions upgraded to the BILT experience. If you enjoy using BILT, please thank the companies that choose to provide you with a better assembly option!

BILT works with major retailers, consumer packaged goods companies, and professional/industrial/commercial industries to create instructions for assembly, install, maintenance, repair, training, and store operations (to name a few). Pricing is applicable to single items or procedures, category rollouts with bulk commits, and more. Please contact us to discuss your unique situation.

Production times depend on the following:

  • How quickly you send us the product sample and CAD. Our preferred format is a dot.X_T, but .STP and .STEP files are acceptable.
  • The complexity of the instruction set based on number of steps and difficulty
  • The speed of your internal review process

We typically complete an instruction set in a few days, but depending on complexity, it can take on average 1-3 weeks. No implementation or IT integration is necessary.

Generally, the marketing or customer experience team works to coordinate BILT upgrades. No IT integration is needed. To get started, all we need are the CAD files from engineering, a product sample, and any existing paper or video instructions. We take care of it from there. We will work with your marketing and packaging contacts to ensure your customers know of your BILT experience differentiator.

Yes, our clients can keep instruction sets private for use only with an access key. This is especially helpful for sensitive information, trainings or instructions that are for professional use only.

You will receive:

  • A 3D interactive instruction set hosted on BILT
  • BILT marketing assets to incorporate as needed. This includes artwork for digital and print.
  • A marketing video short showcasing your BILT instruction procedure and directing users to your instructions in BILT. The video short can be used anywhere you market your products.
  • Access to product analytics, including download statistics, NPS score, star rating, product reviews and average assembly times per step.

Optional offerings include content for 2D (paper) output, instruction set in multiple languages, review syndication, and advanced analytics and insights.