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US Navy to Adopt High-Tech Learning Solution

Grapevine, TX, October 14, 2020 – BILT Incorporated, creators of the BILT app, announced today it will provide 3D interactive Intelligent Instructions® to the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) to increase maintainer speed, safety, accuracy, and competency.  Under a Phase III Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Award, the Department of Defense (DoD) seeks small business solutions that address defense technology gaps, representing more than $1 billion in research granted annually.

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“We’re excited to work with the NAVSEA Industrial Operations Transformation Office, the Norfolk Naval Shipyard Innovation Program, and the team from Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.  These folks are focused on finding innovative solutions to increase fleet readiness,” says Derek Paulsen, BILT Business Development Lead for Naval Programs.  “BILT will provide training to a new generation of the shipyard workforce who grew up on mobile devices.  The 3D interactive instructions will be intuitive for them and help them excel at their jobs.”

BILT’s interactivity means users can:  rotate 3D images 360º for a better angle, pinch to zoom in and out on an image to see it larger or smaller, and tap on the touchscreen to view more information about a part or tool.  It is self-pacing with a play/pause feature.  It enables users to complete complex projects safely and efficiently by tracking steps and calling out specific warnings.  Thousands of 3D instructions can be pre-loaded onto a single mobile device and accessed without Wi-Fi, saving space, weight, and fuel.

BILT provides program managers with user performance data for each instruction set as well as analytics on each individual step.  Accessible on the secure BILT portal, this information provides insight into difficult steps that can be reconfigured to continuously improve instructions so they’re never obsolete.  Updates can be made quickly and cost-effectively. 

“BILT will help shorten the time it takes young maintainers to skill-up.  They won’t have to deal with paper manuals, confusing diagrams, or difficult-to-navigate videos.  It will dramatically increase mission readiness,” says BILT President & COO Ahmed Qureshi.

BILT addresses the DoD’s green initiative and is currently being used in more than 200 countries and 12 languages worldwide.

About BILT: 
The award-winning BILT app provides 3D interactive Intelligent Instructions® that are voice & text guided.  Beginning with a product overview, BILT includes tools required, parts included and directs the procedure step by step.  BILT has proven to increase NPS, star ratings, product registrations & brand loyalty while reducing returns, calls to customer support, set-up time & errors.  BILT empowers brands with analytics on each product and revolutionizes the way companies connect to their consumers.  Manufacturers maintain control of their content; updates to instructions can be made in near real-time, so they’re never obsolete.  BILT supports manufacturers’ efforts to go green by minimizing paper instructions, warranty & registration cards.  Download the free BILT app on iOS or Android or go to for details.

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