SELECT Hinges continuously innovates installation

Grapevine, TX, April 20, 2020 – SELECT Hinges™,  manufacturer of high-quality, architectural-grade geared continuous hinges and continuous pin & barrel hinges, is introducing 3D interactive installation instructions on the BILT mobile app.  For more than three decades, SELECT Hinges has been at the forefront of innovation within the architectural hardware industry.  Makers of Pair Matched™ components for quality & consistency on geared hinges, their team has gone to great lengths to prove their hinges are the strongest and most secure in the world.  Now, SELECT Hinges will be the easiest to install.

“We do all we can to ensure pros can install SELECT Hinges quickly and correctly the first time.  Having BILT 3D interactive instructions will prevent mistakes and callbacks, which will save installers time and money,” said Stephen Pyatte, Vice President of Sales at SELECT Hinges.

“SELECT Hinges was founded on a commitment to innovation and a tradition of continuous improvement,“ said Aaron Gutsu, Director, Brand Support Sales at BILT Incorporated.  “We’re confident 3D interactive instructions will help them refine the installation experience.  Their global reach, dedication to durability, and continuous warranty are synonymous with the highest standards of quality.  BILT will allow them to take their virtual trainings to the next level as well.”

SELECT Hinges are endurance tested to last 60 years and earned the US State Department’s highest certification after performing well in the brutal Forced Entry and Ballistic Resistance test.  They are approved for use in American embassies worldwide.  The BILT app is available in 178 countries and 12 languages; 3D interactive instructions can be downloaded and accessed both on & off the grid.  3D interactivity allows BILT users to easily repeat steps, tap on a part for details, zoom in & out, and rotate images 360º.  BILT is free to users, consumers and professional installers alike. 

About SELECT Hinges:
Founded in 1990 by architectural hardware industry professionals, SELECT Hinges strives for superior quality and offers the industry’s only never-ending continuous warranty on geared hinges. The company has a patented process for a 3-hour fire rating without requiring fire pins or studs on geared hinges, which is approved for both positive and negative pressure tests.

About BILT: 
The award-winning BILT app provides 3D interactive Intelligent Instructions® that are voice & text guided.  Beginning with a product overview, BILT includes tools required, parts included and directs the procedure step by step.  BILT has proven to increase NPS, star ratings, product registrations & brand loyalty while reducing returns, calls to customer support, set-up time & errors.  BILT empowers brands with analytics on each product and revolutionizes the way companies connect to their consumers.  Manufacturers maintain control of their content; updates to instructions can be made in real time, so they’re never obsolete.  BILT supports manufacturers’ efforts to go green by minimizing paper instructions, warranty & registration cards.  Download the free BILT app on iOS or Android.

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