BILT Toolbox Teaches DIYers Easy Home Fixes

3D Guides Offer Help for the Not-so-Handy

Grapevine, TX, April 19, 2023 – The spring housing market is heating up and sellers are scrambling to repair and update their homes before listing. The BILT app is launching a digital toolbox of 3D-guided projects and tool tutorials to empower do-it-yourselfers. The BILT Toolbox™ coaches beginners through renovations they can do themselves without having to pay a professional.

BILT’s 3D animation explains each step; the interactivity allows users to manipulate images to see each task from every angle. The guides are self-pacing, so users can go one step at a time, skip ahead, or instantly replay a step.

3D-Guided Repairs
The ad-free app offers clear, concise guidance not only for home projects, but for bike and auto repairs as well. Jobs include unclogging a disposal, patching drywall, changing flat tires, and many common sink and toilet repairs.

“I’ve had issues adjusting bike derailers. I’ll fix them correctly from now on,” says BILT Toolbox user Rebell1ous, after giving the project five stars.

“An excellent product. I highly recommend,” says Hotmojo1, another BILT Toolbox user who used the app to jump-start a car battery.

DIY Projects
Home improvement projects on BILT include plumbing, electrical, and remodeling. DIYers can learn to properly paint and tile, remove a sink, replace recessed lighting, level a door frame, build a raised garden bed, and more.

“Awesome, well done. Got ideas for projects to do and more to come,” says BILT Toolbox user KingJett.

"If you're a DIY person you have to have this app."
BILT Toolbox user

Tool Tutorials
BILT doesn’t take for granted that users already know how to use tools. Novices can follow 3D instructions for drills and bits, nail guns, saws, ratchets, wrenches, and more. CEO Nate Henderson says expert instructions and interactive animations will expand users’ capacity and enable every skill level.

“The BILT Toolbox helps homeowners get their jobs done faster with fewer frustrations,” he says.

About BILT:
Millions of people worldwide rely on the BILT app for official instructions from hundreds of brands. The 3D animated guides for assembly, installation, maintenance, and repair are interactive and ad-free. BILT is customizable, accessible, and sustainable. It provides DIYers and pros an efficient, easy-to-follow alternative to paper manuals and instruction videos. Download the mobile app on iOS and Android or go to for details.

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