Apple Vision Pro Brings a New Era of Spatial Computing to Business

BILT Immersive Instructions leverage spatial computing to guide remote fieldwork in entirely new ways

This is a summary from an Apple Newsroom story.

GRAPEVINE, TX, April 9, 2024 – Guided work on BILT for Apple Vision Pro blends the context of a technician’s real physical surroundings with digital 3D models to enable a wide range of workflows like assembly, installation, maintenance, and repair.

BILT has reimagined how contractors can plan and execute jobs for industries including HVAC, solar, plumbing, security, electrical, construction, and manufacturing.

Rather than static paper manuals, BILT for Apple Vision Pro users can interact with full fidelity 3D animations in their own space, enabling them to comprehend complex processes and maximize muscle memory.

BILT Immersive Instructions allow technicians to overlay a 3D model on top of the real physical product and follow side-by-side animations to reduce costly errors and speed up ramp time.

Training on BILT for Apple Vision Pro increases employee job satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity.

Instructions are never obsolete; the BILT platform allows managers to standardize and deliver the most up-to-date and effective information technicians need to do their jobs.

BILT can also be used on a mobile device in the field without Wi-Fi, which both reduces and shortens calls to technical support.

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