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The Customer Support Solution

An interview with Murphy Door CEO Jeremy Barker

User with BILT instructions

Question: How has BILT’s 3D interactive instructions affected your customers’ experience? 

Jeremy: It’s been a huge advantage for us.  It’s almost a cheat… that’s fair.  It’s like how do we stay small and profitable and give everything the customer needs with as little friction as possible?  It’s been nothing but that.   

Jeremy Barker, CEO of Murphy Door

Ringing off the Hook 

Question: How has BILT impacted calls to customer service? 

Jeremy: Our phone calls went from “we can’t handle the phone calls!” to almost NO phone calls.  So on the customer service side, for a small company, BILT was a huge solution for us — you can’t afford 50 customer service people.  Let’s be honest.  It makes no sense to pay for people to sit and answer calls and [try to verbally answer] questions that are easily displayed if they could visually see it.   

Woman assembling sink faucet

The people we get phone calls from are people stuck in the paper instructions. They just can’t see the next step or the flow.  BILT has offered us the opportunity to show the flow where fixed, still images can’t do it.   

Beyond Video or Animation 

Question: How does BILT’s 3D interactivity help resolve customer pain points? 

User interacting with BILT mobile app

Jeremy: Everybody has a phone, which is ultimately empowering for the consumer, to go through the instructions at their own pace. It’s like having someone right there, talking you through the process, step by step, with the added benefit of visually being able to shift through the 3D images, to rewind, go back, spin it around & do it again.   

Jeremy: It’s almost a virtual reality in a sense. The added feature of being able to spin the image around and really dig in to [zoom in tight] is something you can never explain over the phone or on FaceTime, and all the different ways we’ve tried to handle people’s problems. 

Man reading instructions while talking on phone

The ability to see the product from every angle, with opacity — where you can can see through the wall, cabinet, countertop or under the sink. Unlike video, with BILT you can see exactly what you’re doing because the secondary surfaces are transparent.  Video is limited to the camera’s perspective. There is no comparison. That’s just it.  You can’t do that on paper.   

For Small Businesses 

Question: What about smaller manufacturers whose resources are limited? 

Jeremy: When you’re super tight, BILT only makes MORE sense.  It’s like saying you can’t afford a credit card reader. It’s a tool that you can’t NOT have & be successful.  It’s really the next step.  It only makes sense when you’re small.  It’s just a huge additional advantage if you’re big, right?  Because the bigger you are, the more people you’re gonna have to have to take those phone calls.   

Removing Friction & Frustration 

Question: How has BILT affected customer returns? 

Jeremy: You want to talk about friction, let’s talk about returns.  If you think the cost of using an app or implementing BILT instructions is expensive?  Returns are way more! 

It dropped our return rate by 2+%, simply because they were successful on the install or the assembly.   

When they get frustrated in the middle of the project, they just put it back in the box & send it back.   How do you keep prices down?  You have to give as little friction as possible.    

You need to look at BILT.  This has been a huge help in all our phone calls & returns.  Low friction — that’s the key. 

For more information, give us a call at 800-517-2458. 

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