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Jingle BILT

A lil' jingle to remind you we're here to save Christmas

Dashing through the store,
Buying gifts for the Big Day,
O’er the aisles I go
Panicking I pray
Kids asked for a gift
Too difficult to hide.
What stress it is to put that thing
Together Christmas night,

Download BILT, download BILT,
Download BILT today!
Oh, how easy you will find
3D steps to guide your way,
Download BILT, download BILT,
See instructions shout hoo-ray!
Interactive step-by-step,
You’ll be done & set to play.

A day or two ago
I thought I’d try the app,
And soon, assembly done,
I’d time to take a nap.
Instructions slick & clear,
I could drag & zoom & tap
Each interactive step was quick,
Oh, thank Heaven for this app!

Download BILT, download BILT
Download BILT today!
Oh how easy you will find
3D steps to guide your way.
Download BILT, download BILT
Throw the paper guide away!
Wishing you & your fam’ly
A Happy Holiday!

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