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How To Inform Your Customers About Your Partnership With BILT

BILT packaging

Congratulations on upgrading to BILT! In a few short days, your instructions will be live on the app. You’re excited to share this update with your customers, but how do they find out about it? 

The best way to drive adoption and reap the most benefits is to include BILT in as many touchpoints as possible throughout your customer’s decision making and post-purchase experience. We will provide assets early in the process to promote your partnership so you can meet packaging deadlines. 

Paper Insert  

One of the most effective options to inform your customers is to include a paper insert in the product packaging. BILT clients typically include a stop sheet on top of their paper instruction manual so that as the customer is beginning the assembly process, they will see the option for the easier BILT experience.  

Outer Packaging  

Stickers or artwork placed on the outside of the product are also great ways to catch a customer’s eye before they have made a purchase. This creates a competitive advantage for your company. BILT instructions empower customers and reflect the quality of your brand. 

Product Information Page  

Retailers tell us BILT callouts on product information pages increase add-to-cart and conversion metrics by up to 67%. We will be providing you with video shorts, BILT screenshot images, and QR codes to give your customer a glimpse of the updated assembly or installation experience that accompanies your product.  

Drive Adoption for Insights & Reviews 

As more of your customers use BILT to assemble or install your products, the more data and insight your marketing and engineering teams will receive. BILT users also leave more 5-star reviews than paper users, which is why we offer the option to partner with Bazaarvoice for review syndication.  

Additional Options  

We are always happy to help you in promoting BILT to your customers and retail partners by offering a variety of additional resources. It is very important to us to provide material that depicts your specific products so that consumers get a feel for how BILT can help them in assembling your product. Whether it be through influencer campaigns, social media posts or tradeshows, we strive to cater promotions directly to your customers.  

Our goal is to create the best experience for you and your customers.  We are excited to partner with you. 

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