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How to Get a Product on the BILT app

Getting started with BILT Intelligent Instructions® is easier than you might think:  Provide a list of products you want to start with. Possible examples include products with the highest returns or most customer support calls.

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Getting started with BILT Intelligent Instructions® is easier than you might think:   

  1. Provide a list of products you want to start with. Possible examples include products with the highest returns or most customer support calls. 
  2. Send your most complete and current CAD files, as well as the paper instructions.  
  3. Identify your packaging deadlines so you can have an immediate impact on the next run. 
  4. Ship the products to our Global Brand Support Center to reference as we create the 3D instructions 

Creating the BILT Instructions 

Once the CAD, the product and the paper instructions arrive at our Global Brand Support Center, our highly trained BILT Instruction Designers will perform a full assembly analysis. They may suggest clarifications or improvements to the instructions. Occasionally our designers even catch and prevent manufacturing flaws. 

When the procedure is ready to test, you’ll have a chance to review, approve and share with internal stakeholders. Once we receive your approval, the procedure will go live in the BILT app. Remember, we have the ability to make updates in real time. No more waiting for the next print run to correct the instructions! 

In most cases, the entire process takes about 3 to 6 days. 

Ongoing Marketing Support, Data & Real-Time Updates 

You will also receive print, digital and video assets to help you inform your customers of this innovative experience. The better you communicate the advantage of the 3D interactive experience, the greater the impact on the purchase decision and adoption rate, and the higher your return on investment.  

You will be able to extract customer and product insights through the BILT portal. Share access with relevant stakeholders including the marketing, engineering, data analytics and product management teams.  

We can also work with your review syndication provider to push your BILT product reviews to retailers. BILT reviews are typically better and raise overall star ratings. 

Finally, we will work with you to continually improve your profitability. 

We’re excited to partner with you to create a premium customer experience to match the quality of your products! 

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