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How to Upskill Your Technicians for Today’s Field Service Landscape

Discover the most efficient and effective ways to upskill your field service technicians.

The field service industry has experienced significant changes in recent years. Many businesses have had to navigate a skills shortage along with high employee turnover rates. Finding and retaining the technicians your business needs can be challenging. Companies must implement smarter solutions to today’s challenges if they want to remain competitive, but determining the right steps to take is not always easy. 

Demonstrating that your business is committed to employee success is the key to creating an energized and effective workforce. Upskilling is a crucial method of accomplishing this. Studies have repeatedly shown that investing in employee education, or upskilling, is more beneficial than hiring a new employee. It’s not only the more cost-effective choice—it’s also less time-consuming. 

But what is the most efficient way to upskill your employees? There are a multitude of training options available, but moving from outdated instruction methods to modern, highly advanced solutions is key. Today, using technology-driven, highly detailed 3D instruction is the path to upskilling your technicians, enabling confidence and productivity, and safeguarding your reputation as a service leader. 

The Modern Face of Field Service

High-tech products continue to be introduced into the marketplace at an accelerated rate. These products are typically made from a large number of parts in complex configurations, requiring advanced knowledge and skill to assemble and repair. 

At the same time, the way we access information has shifted. Today’s workforce is highly connected, with smartphones and tablets providing information instantaneously. For field technicians, in particular, obtaining an easy yet comprehensive way to access the latest product information is crucial for success.

Today’s technicians need to stay educated on products and systems that may be constantly evolving. To perform their jobs well and keep customers satisfied, they must receive education in a way that is clear and easy to understand, as well as tailored to their learning style. For businesses, delivering continued education opportunities is essential for remaining effective and competitive. Luckily, new solutions in upskilling have arrived that address these challenges. 

Why is Upskilling Important? 

Today’s field technicians have to keep up with rapidly changing technology. Companies are now developing and launching new products faster than ever before, and this means that technicians must continuously update their knowledge and skills to deliver quality service. When businesses remain committed to their technician’s continued education, skills gaps are reduced and employees feel valued and accomplished. 

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Upskilling is also cost-effective, allowing companies to retain their experienced service team and avoid the hassle of hiring new employees. When you invest in modern methods of upskilling your current employees, you build a company culture that values learning and fulfillment. Some of the biggest advantages of upskilling include: 

  • Increasing employee engagement 
  • Retaining highly skilled, valuable employees
  • Gaining an advantage when it’s time to recruit new talent
  • Future-proofing your company against labor shortages 
  • Fighting the skills gap with a modern, technology-based solution 

For today’s businesses, cultivating a culture of innovation is crucial for success. The types of technology a company implements play a huge role in how agile it is. Implementing the latest upskilling solutions can give your company the edge it needs to thrive.  

How to Upskill More Efficiently

With the current technician shortage and the rapid rate at which new technology is produced and updated, upskilling your staff is more important than ever. Businesses have multiple options for accomplishing this, including classroom, remote, and even app-based 3D instruction and training. Some of the most effective methods of upskilling your staff include both traditional and advanced, technology-based methods:

  • Classroom-Based Training Programs: Implementing regular in-house training workshops or mentorship programs are great options for improving your technician’s performance and allowing them to stay adaptable to your industry’s changing needs. 
  • Cross-Training Opportunities: Providing your staff with the ability to perform multiple roles by cross-training throughout multiple departments can increase both morale and productivity. 
  • Remote Learning: Developing online training programs that your technicians can watch and review periodically can help make important information more accessible and is convenient for workers.  
  • Innovative App-Based 3D Instruction: The newest field service technology includes advanced, multi-sensory instructions using 3D apps. Implement this technology to take your team’s learning to the next level and engage them in learning and upskilling.

One of the biggest keys to upskilling field service technicians is ensuring they have reliable access to the most current and accurate information. Whether their task involves building a machine, making a repair, or identifying a problem, providing access to the most up-to-date technical information in a comprehensive, easy-to-use format is critical. 3D instruction apps meet this need better than any other upskilling solution. 

What Are 3D Instruction Apps and How Do They Work?

App-based 3D instructions are an innovative new solution for ensuring your technicians’ success. Industry innovators can take your CAD file, paper instruction, or other materials and expertly transform them into an interactive, cloud-based 3D model. The best apps offer colorful, engaging images and implement a multisensory approach. They are easily manipulated by touching the screen, allowing technicians to view any component clearly and easily by pinching, zooming, rotating, and more.

Converting your repair, installation, or assembly processes to a 3D instruction app allows your field technicians to access the information they need effortlessly and perform their job better than ever before. It also allows the instructions to be updated almost instantaneously whenever there’s a change, no reprinting or reshooting a video required. 

Whether your field techs are new to the field and need to see a specific step or part in a precise way to successfully complete a task, or whether they’re experienced and just need a quick, updated review, implementing this new technology can bring your team impressive advantages over other upskilling methods:

  • Access to the exact information needed, anywhere, at any time, and in great detail that can be manipulated to show exactly what the tech needs
  • Detailed insight into products and components with multisensory elements that accommodate all learning styles and offer hands-on learning opportunities
  • Significant cost savings over other options, like developing your own educational programs

How the Latest Technology is Changing Field Service

Digital 3D instructions are drastically changing how field service is performed, as well as how technicians are trained. Traditionally, instructions and manuals were printed on paper and needed to be regularly reprinted with every product update. Even the best paper instructions can be limited, unclear, and confusing. Videos and PDFs are a step up, but they’re also challenging since they are not easily manipulated. Techs must manually search for relevant sections and cannot manipulate these materials to meet their unique needs.

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3D instructions, on the other hand, are exceptionally easy to use. They can be easily rotated and manipulated as needed and provide unmatched clarity. Implementing this technology makes it easier than ever before for field technicians to perform their work and expand their skills. Interactive work instructions simplify training and empower technicians to handle any challenge they might encounter with confidence. 

Easily Accessible Knowledge

With the right 3D instruction software, any technician can view comprehensive, highly detailed and hands-on instructions instantly. No matter where field service takes you, as long as you have a smartphone or tablet with a Wi-Fi connection, you’ll be able to access the information you need. What’s more, since the product is viewed in 3D with images that can be rotated to any angle, it’s possible to gain a more comprehensive understanding than ever before. The right 3D platform allows technicians to experience an immersive, detailed view of any component, no matter how small. 

Real-Time Instruction Updates

Since this technology is digital, manufacturers can easily update it at any time. This ensures your technicians can access the latest instruction information on every job. Even if your staff members are highly experienced, they’ll still require additional training when a new product launches. Using a technology-driven app ensures they have instant access to the most recent version of all the information they need.

Fewer Errors 

Highly detailed, easy-to-interpret 3D models help technicians develop a thorough knowledge of the equipment they’re working on. Even highly complex assembly and operational procedures are easily understood. Since the information is multisensory and always the most up-to-date version, the chances of errors are minimized. This ensures higher satisfaction for your technicians and customers alike. 

Make Upskilling Your Technicians Easy with an Advanced, 3D Instruction and Training Solution

With technology constantly evolving, gaining reliable access to the latest instructions is more critical than ever. Implementing solutions for upskilling your current technicians is important for not only saving you time and money but also for demonstrating your commitment to employee satisfaction. Providing your technicians with the most effective learning tools will help keep them growing and make them feel both empowered and appreciated. Among all of your options for upskilling, implementing interactive 3D instruction software offers the most effective and easy-to-implement solution. 

At BILT, we convert a manufacturer’s paper or CAD instructional materials into a highly detailed, cloud-based 3D manual. From our app, you can not only view instructions but also zoom in and rotate images to easily visualize components like never before. Since all of your information is uploaded to the cloud, your technicians can simply search for a part name and instantly have the information they need at their fingertips, in just the way they need it. See the difference BILT can make and start upskilling your technicians today. 

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