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6 Reasons to Schedule a BILT Business Review Now

Get the most value from your partnership with proprietary, compelling data coupled with actionable insights from our team.

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You may be aware that companies that partner with BILT experience a diverse range of benefits, such as:

But you may not be aware of the impact of a BILT Business Review (BBR).

A BBR differs from business reviews you’ve received from other vendors or partners. Our reviews contain proprietary, compelling data coupled with actionable insights from our team.

Although this data is available in the BILT portal, our BBRs present the information in an understandable, digestible manner that you can easily share with your colleagues.

What’s Included in a BBR?

  • NPS and star ratings: See how your ratings compare to your industry peers (if available) so you can accurately gauge where you’re currently positioned. You can also see the quantified impact on customer ratings before and after adopting BILT. Some industries tend to generate more positive reviews from users than others. Our benchmark scores provide the perspective you need to make sound decisions moving forward.
  • Product-level NPS scores: Get individual product scores so you can determine which products are delighting your customers—and which are causing the most issues. This insight enables you to efficiently focus your resources on the problem areas.
  • Volume of users and reviews: Receive a product-by-product view of the total number of users and reviews generated so you can identify which products receive the most attention from your customers and determine ways to further increase adoption rates and the benefits achieved by your customers.
  • Instruction analysis: See the average time spent on each step by your users for product assemblies or installations. This allows you to pinpoint trouble spots with these processes instead of guessing which steps are creating problems (and frustration) for your customers.
    It could be several steps—or perhaps a single one that’s easily fixable. The experts from the BILT Instruction Design team may be able to guide you on resolving any issues.
  • Product evaluations: Find out what customers like about a specific product (such as easy installation), as well as what they don’t (such as poor product quality or missing parts) so you can see where you’re doing well, and address what needs improvement.
  • Success roadmap: Review integrated data to evaluate the success of client-driven KPIs. Understanding how BILT impacts your bottom line and enriches your customers’ lives is integral to long term success of the program.

Keep in mind that all ratings and reviews come directly from users typically within a few hours after assembly or installation, so you’ll feel more assured you’re receiving honest, unfiltered feedback instead of manufactured opinions or phony reviews.

Schedule Your Review

So, what’s the next step for you? Contact your BILT account manager to schedule your review—and get the most from your partnership with BILT.

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