Benefits of Having Strong Customer Relations


BILT partners build strong customer relations

The Importance of Strong Customer Relations

Building strong customer relations can be difficult. There might be challenging situations while trying to build those positive relationships, but in the end, it will definitely pay off.  Fox Business states, “Customers are the lifeblood of a business, so building a strong rapport with them is imperative to the success of almost any company. Through good times and bad, a solid relationship with your customer base will help ensure that your business continues to flourish.” If your business does their best to make the customer happy, you will see how easy it actually is to have a good relationship with them. Happy customers are what make a business . . . a business.


 describes the benefit of building strong customer relations: “Making (and keeping) customers happy has benefits that stretch beyond simply having satisfied patrons. Happy customers are more likely to refer your service, product or business to their friends, family, and colleagues — and this grapevine effect is invaluable.” Customers will be surprised by the experience. When customers expectations are exceeded, they tell friends.  Not only will you maintain your current customers, you will also receive new customers that already have a positive image of you. Another benefit of having happy customers is less customer service phone calls.

How BILT Can Help

Comparing BILT’s instructions to paper instructions or even YouTube video tutorials, there is a noticeable difference in ease. Our simple, interactive 3-D, step-by-step instructions help your customers experience fewer errors while assembling your product. This means that the customer will be happier. We live in a day of DIY. People love being able to do and make things on their own. Customer’s love that independence. They don’t want to have to rely on customer service to get something accomplished. BILT helps your customers become Do-It-Yourselfers. We provide them with everything they could possibly need to assemble the product they’ve purchased from you.

An interactive, 3-D, 360-degree view will help the customer build the product at their own comfortable pace with the option of zooming, rotating, and tapping. They will even be able to see all of the hardware that goes along with each step. They won’t have to worry about the frustration of dealing with several pages of confusing steps that can be crumpled or lost in the assembly process. You can even add the product warranty and registration to our system. The simplicity of BILT assembly instructions will also ensure fewer product returns. Giving your customers this independence to do it themselves will reduce the amount of customer service calls that you receive. At the same time, you’ll be building those strong customer relations because of the joy they feel from the accomplishment of easily assembling your product themselves.