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Let Your Customers Build with BILT 3D Instructions

We like to think outside the box at Movement. This week we are bringing your attention to this amazing way to improve your product and digital marketing strategy if you sell products that need to be assembled by the consumer. It is also super helpful if you have products that need maintenance. BILT is an innovative app that places all of your instructions whether for assembly or maintenance with easy-to-follow 3D instructions on a mobile app. Fumbling with paper assembly instructions that don’t seem clear can be a thing of the past for your customers, thanks to BILT.

What is BILT?

Rather than trying to follow technical language and complicated diagrams that many customers find puzzling, BILT allows your customers to see a 3-D model of your product as they are assembling. BILT tells your customers exactly what to do as they see a picture unfold before their eyes. They can rotate the 3-D model as well as zoom in to find the perfect angle that makes each step of the assembly crystal clear. Customers who prefer to read instructions will also see each step displayed in words on the screen.

The process begins with customers searching for the product they wish to assemble. Once they find your product, they will see an overview of what to expect with assembly, including how many people are required, the amount of time it is expected to take, how many steps are involved and what tools are needed. Customers can then follow the interactive model in the 3D instructions as it takes them step-by-step through the assembly process.

It sounds like BILT is a great option to eliminate paper assembly instructions, you might be thinking, but what about the warranty and registration information for my product? BILT has you covered with the ability to include both warranty and product registration documents inside of the app.

BILT 3D instructions

What can BILT do for Your Business?

When you place your product on BILT, it is more than just providing a convenient place for customers to easily assemble your product. It also about increasing awareness of your brand. Customers who are using BILT to assemble other products will see your product on BILT, which will help bring awareness of your brand to the top of their minds. Brand equity will also be improved among potential customers when they see your product on BILT. Basically, customers who see your product on BILT will feel better about purchasing your product once they see it there and know that you also use BILT.

Join the Revolution

BILT is an app that is set to revolutionize the product assembly process with 3D instructions. Why not join many companies already using BILT and become part of this revolution yourself? Learn more about BILT and all of the exciting things it can do for your company as well as for your bottom line.