How to Reduce Customer Returns


Customer returns are never a good experience for any company. If you are seeing more than a 10% return rate, you’re probably asking: Why does my company have high rates of customer returns? Or wondering how to reduce customer returns. No one wants to see their company lose earnings by racking up high cases of customer returns.

BILT is here to offer you services that will have a significant boost in lowering your customer return rates. By working with us, you will improve the consumer assembly process, and eliminate a good number of needless returns. A study from Accenture shows that around 29% of returns are due to buyers remorse and over 60% due to “no reason given.” With made-to-assemble products, most of that buyer remorse is from the headache of assembling the item. For the other 60%, how many men are going to admit they are returning that grill because they couldn’t figure out how to put it together? The opportunity to foster better relationships with your customers and minimize returns is substantial. The quality of assembly instructions that your customers get with their products will have a big impact on return rates. You need to improve customer satisfaction.

At BILT, our main goal is to update your maintenance and assembly instructions to a higher level as opposed to the traditional, unattractive paper system. The need to switch from analog instructions to digital ones is inevitable and the way to go is BILT.

What Companies Can Do to Decrease Customer Return Rates

Customer returns are one of the highest costs of doing business and have to be eliminated or reduced. If you’re struggling with how to reduce customer returns, we highly recommend following these next steps.

6 Steps to Decrease Customer Returns:

1. Identify the Products with High Returns

It is good to know the exact products that are frequently returned by customers. Start with the biggest problem, naturally.

2. Encourage Customer Reviews

Many companies forget that a customer’s feedback is vital in ensuring products get purchased. Reviews give both the customer and the company the necessary feedback for their products and services. From research, more customer reviews create publicity for your product, which leads to higher sales. Questions raised by reviews and customer feedback, if well responded to, give other buyers the confidence to purchase and use those particular products. For more information, here is a good article to explain in further detail:

3. Provide Informative Displays/Packaging

You need enough information on your product to be displayed clearly for all to see. Displays like LCDs and TVs can be added to give the customer as much information as possible on the products they are purchasing. Whenever possible, incorporate informative displays at retail locations. Customers who receive this type of exposure are more likely to purchase and be satisfied with the product.

4. Collect Feedback from Customers Returning Products

Get the information straight from the horse’s mouth. You should analyze their claims and improve on all genuine demands. Encourage feedback from consumers. Even incentivize them with discounts on future purchases to keep them coming back. You need as much feedback as possible to get to the bottom of your issues and see what the real problems are.

5. Free Returns

If you’re selling direct to consumers online, free returns to your customer is a gift that will keep them loyal. It may seem counter-intuitive in decreasing the return rate, but advertising free returns will help increase sales by reducing pain points. Sometimes, you just need an extra boost in sales to dilute the number of returns. If it turns out your return rate stays constant with the influx of new customers, at least you’ve increased sales. Many competitors in the market may have already adopted it, while you lag behind. The free return policy assures the customers that the producer takes his or her customers seriously.

6. Contact BILT

BILT saves manufacturers time and money. Digital assembly instructions from BILT are one of the easiest ways to please your end-customers, second only to having an actual quality product. Our technology is sure to put a smile on their faces. Putting products together with BILT is a breeze. The more pain-free and quickly consumers put your product together, the fewer will be bringing it back to the store for a refund. We are available throughout the globe in 33 countries and are planning to expand our reach even more. Partnering BILT with manufacturing companies in reducing customer returns is in everyone’s best interest. Now that you know how to reduce customer returns,  find out more about how BILT can help your bottom line.