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real time updates with BILT

Features of BILT

Interactive 3D Instructions

BILT focuses on making your customers’ experience the easiest it can be. Our goal is to ensure that your customers have an enjoyable time while assembling your product that they have recently purchased. Perhaps it is their first time buying one of your products or maybe they are a long-time customer acquiring their 50th product from your company. Whatever the situation, it is important that your customers remain consistently happy and excited about your company and the quality products that you sell.

Our interactive 3-D instructions provide a fun and easy process with search, zoom, and 360-degree rotation features. Instead of being confused and frustrated while assembling your product, they will be happy and excited to create a finished product in a short amount of time. Your customers are 40% more confident when using BILT instructions vs. the paper instructions that come with the product. They will be much less inclined to call your customer service lines with questions or complaints and much less likely to return the product. They are also much more likely to become or remain a repeat customer.

Warranty and Registration Information

One great feature of BILT is the ability for your customers to register the product digitally. BILT will then send your company their registration information. The customer will also be able to access their warranty information that might come with their product purchase. Being able to retain important documents digitally is becoming more and more of a desired option for customers nowadays. They want to have all of their documents available at the touch of a finger rather than searching through a large amount of paper in a filing cabinet. Giving your customers this convenience will help them feel empowered and become more trusting of your company and its products.

Real-Time Updates

A very important element for you as the manufacturer (and a subscriber to our service) is the ability to do real-time updates. We make it very simple and easy for you to update any information regarding your product and it’s assembly and warranty to make sure that your customers have the most recent knowledge.

All of these features help to bridge the relationship gap between you and your customers.

How To Inform Your Customers About BILT

Flyer Insert

One easy way is to add a paper insert inside the product packaging. Once you’re signed up, we can help provide some samples for you on how to do this.

Social Media

Post about it on your website or social media platforms! It’s a simple inexpensive way to let your customers know about your easy assembly instructions.

YouTube Videos

As our customer, we are happy to create a simple video for you. Check out our sample videos here.

We want to help you inform your customers about BILT. We can work together to provide your customers with a fun, easy process of purchasing and assembling your products on their own. They will be able to use 3-D instructions, access warranty and registration information. They’ll benefit from your ability to give real-time updates for product information. BILT will bridge the gap between you and your customer relationships.