Increase Your Net Promoter Score


Improve your net promoter score with the BILT app

Calculating a Net Promoter Score

Before knowing how to increase your net promoter score, you must understand how it is calculated. The survey given to customers is based on one simple question: How likely are you to recommend {COMPANY} to a friend or family member? Asking customers this question, you should also provide a number scale as a rating metric.

Based on ratings, there will be three types of people: Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. Promoters are those loyal customers who give a nine or ten and. These customers will recommend your company to others. Passive customers score a seven or eight and probably had a neutral experience with your company. They may or may not recommend your company. The also may or may not find a new company next time. Any score less than a six is considered a detractor and will take their business elsewhere next time. They are more than likely to express negative comments about your company to others.

The scores of the surveys then need to be calculated. Simply take the percentage of detractors and subtract it from the percentage of promoters.

What information does the Net Promoter Score provide?

According to Net Promoter System, the Net Promoter Score is, “A number you can compile and track regularly, not only for a whole company but also for each business, product, store, or customer-service team. You can also track it for market segments, geographic areas, or functional groups. It helps everyone focus on the twin goals of creating more promoters and fewer detractors.” One reason that many businesses determine a net promoter score is the simplicity of the process and the invaluable information they receive from it. It is easy to conduct and clear to understand.

Qualtrics explains, “NPS supporters claim that focusing on a single customer satisfaction metric that is visible and easy to understand makes it easier to motivate an entire organization to be customer-focused.” Many organizations use the score to develop and execute a customer service experience plan. It is also beneficial to use the score to recognize customers who might be at risk of never returning. By doing all of these things, a company can grow profits and revenue.  The net promoter score can help businesses know where to make improvements. Knowing this enables you to gain and maintain positive relationships with customers.

Ensuring a High Net Promoter Score

Gaining a positive net promoter score basically comes down to one thing: making a customer happy with your product and/or service. A business is usually started by having already recognized a customer need (or pain point) and providing a solution. The trick is to maintain the vision of healing customer pain points. Ease of the use of your product or service is one key to keeping a happy customer.

BILT’s interactive, 3-D product instructions will help them to remain happy with your products after they’ve purchased them. Another key to maintaining customer happiness is being able to access your service or product easily. BILT’s mobile app is easily obtained from an app store. Having easy access to warranty info yet another way to leave the customer happy. Let us help you to establish a high net promoter score.