How To Inform Your Customers About Your Partnership With BILT


inform your customers about BILT

You’ve taken all of the steps to subscribe to our service. You’ve sent us your CAD files and you’ve paid the production fee to have us convert your files into BILT format. With no need to worry about implementation or integration, you waited a few days for us to finish your instructions. Our partnership is complete. You’re excited about this new option that your customers will have when assembling your products. Now what?

How Can You Inform Your Customers About BILT?

There are many different ways to inform your customers about their option to use BILT when assembling the product that they’ve recently purchased from your company.

Paper Insert in Current Instructions

A very simple and basic option to inform your customers is to include a paper insert in the package that houses the product. We can provide these for you when you sign up to work with us. It’s important to include an insert so that as the customer is about to assemble your product, they will see the option for an easier, digital process. See the example of our paper inserts in this video.

YouTube Videos

Speaking of videos, another great option to inform your customers about BILT is by using videos and posting them on your website, social media, or on YouTube. We can create a free video for you to use with the BILT instructions we have made.

If you’ve already created videos of your own, that’s great! Some customers even put their “how to” videos in BILT also. Something to keep in mind is that YouTube videos are not interactive. They are hard to update. BILT instructions are the opposite. The instructions are very interactive and easily modified. We recognize that your videos will provide a wonderful introduction to your products. BILT can simply act as a coach to guide your consumer through the product assembly process.

For examples, check out some of our videos here:

Social Media

The internet is a great place to inform your customers about new services and options that you’ve made available to them. We have a free guide for sample messaging that you can place on your website or on social media that introduces your new BILT 3D Intelligent InstructionsTM. Making it known in as many places as you can will bring the most benefits to you and your customers. Being excited about it on social media will get your customers excited about it as well. It might even drive some people to purchase one of your products right then because they see how easy it will be to assemble it. Don’t forget to upload your videos to your social media platforms as well.

Remember, our goal is to ensure that your customers are happy. If your customers are happy, then our customers (you!) will be happy, too. If you’re happy, we’re happy. We will do everything we can to help you inform your customers about your easy-to-assembly product. They can have a fun and positive experience assembling your product, thus creating more return customers and less returned products.