How BILT Helps Land Repeat Purchases


Almost every business owner wants to increase sales. Most concentrate on the most obvious ways to do so – branding, advertisements, promotions and other common sales strategies. An often overlooked strategy, especially among price leaders, is customer satisfaction. Happy customers come back, ecstatic customers keep coming back forever.  Here is a guide to help you attract repeat purchases, an essential piece of the puzzle to grow your profits.

The Unique Way to Improve Repeat Purchases

One tactic that can help you grow your business is to adopt a unique marketing strategy. This approach is best when your products or services are similar to those of your competitor.

You need to set your business apart from the competition by understanding what influences your customer’s purchasing decisions. Then, portray your goods or services in a way to encourage customers to buy your products rather than those of a competitor. If your business manufactures or sells products that require assembly before use, then you might want to stand out by using BILT instead of the print versions of assembly instructions or user guides that are hard to follow.

Why Use BILT?digital product warranty and registration forms

Convenience is one factor that influences a customer’s purchasing decisions. BILT helps customers assemble, install, repair and maintain products or equipment in a pain-free and convenient way.  Consumers find it difficult to read through various instructions on a printed paper while installing or assembling a product. Our minds work in three dimensions; so should your instructions.

Assembly Made Easy

The majority of people using the print versions end up making mistakes along the way. They might not realize it till they try using it and end up breaking something. Others spend hours before they assemble it correctly while others end up hiring a service person to help them set it up. Your brand equity decreases and you lose that customer for good or spend a lot of money in marketing to win them back. If you’re lucky, the customer just won’t recommend your product, but most likely they will complain to someone about the headache you caused them.

BILT was designed to simplify the process for your company and make the assembly of any product fun and easy. The interactive app uses step-by-step audio guided instructions and 3-D images that are easy to follow. We make sure that a product is assembled in the correct way within the shortest time possible. The consumer will even know how much time it will take beforehand so they don’t interrupt the process when they realize they don’t have time to finish the job. Equipment that is well-assembled works as intended, protects the product warranty from being void, and protects users from accidents associated with improper use of items.

BILT Improves Your Business

BILT is developed to increase customer retention, an important strategy of growing your business’ sustainability. Business experts say that keeping customers is an easy task compared acquiring new ones. BILT helps customers to build a positive brand perception.


In addition to customer retention, BILT is likely to attract more customers through the word-of-mouth advertising. New customers rely on referrals and reviews before they purchase a product. Easy to assemble products will attract positive reviews giving your business a chance to make a good first impression.  Customers will be so surprised by the experience with BILT, they will definitely be talking about how fun and easy your product is to put together.


BILT will improve the success of your business by cutting your return rates. Customers who use BILT to assemble a product, experience fewer errors compared to those who use paper instructions. Reduced return rates mean an increase in profit. BILT will cut down service calls. Most calls received in an organization are those coming from customers who encounter issues after purchasing a product. The good thing with BILT is that the app is available all round the clock, and customers can read through to assemble a product themselves without the need of guidance from your support staff. Happy customers don’t return your products, but they do come back with repeat purchases.


BILT helps build a sound relationship with your customers. The app eliminates the hassle of paperwork encountered when registering a product.  Customers can keep track of all their warranty information in one handy place, their phone. Giving your customers this peace of mind is just one more way BILT helps increase brand equity and loyalty.

Using BILT is an effective way of increasing sales of a product through repeat purchases. The app eliminates the hassles of using printed instructions that are confusing and hard to follow. BILT makes product assembly easy as well as improving a product’s brand perception. Want to witness the magic of using this app? Download it from the app store today and try it for yourself.  You’ll soon see why you need BILT to increase your repeat purchases. We’ll be waiting for your call.