How To Communicate Effectively With Your Customers


how to communicate effectively with customers

Know How to Communicate Effectively With Your Customers


Treat them like a friend

The one thing to always keep in mind when communicating with customers is to think of them as a friend of yours. How would you respond to a friend if they were reaching out to you for advice, information, or were asking you for a favor? Usually what a customer needs is one of those three things. Sometimes, it can be hard to deal with angry or upset customers because you might think, “My friend wouldn’t treat me this way.” Perhaps you’re right. However, everyone has a bad day, and even friends have quarrels occasionally. You (hopefully) would try to remain very patient with a friend if they had a concern or were having a bad day. So keeping all of these things in mind when dealing with customers is a great way to know how to effectively communicate with your customers and ensure that they have a positive interaction with you.

Listen Actively

When people think of communication, often they think it only entails speaking. However,  listening can make all the difference in communicating. This is one of the main factors of communication in any relationship. With customers, listening can occur in many different settings. For digital companies, it will occur on the phone, via email or social media. If communicating with a customer on the phone, ALWAYS make sure to hear them out before you say anything. Don’t be thinking about how you’re going to respond while they’re speaking. That is the opposite of listening, and you will be much less likely to know how to communicate effectively with them if you didn’t listen to what they said.

A lot of customer interactions occur via email, and listening occurs via email by thoroughly reading and re-reading the message. One of the most frustrating things during communication is the feeling that you aren’t being heard. It’s important to let your customers know that you heard them. If on the phone, you can say things like, “Okay” or “I see”  to let them know that you’re listening. Via email, you can simply say, “You mentioned…” and then respond to what it is that they mentioned. If you didn’t understand something they said in the email, ask them to clarify. The great thing about email is you can go back and look at the message as much as you want to make sure you respond to everything they have asked or inquired about.

Ask Your Customers Their Preferred Method of Communication

Asking your customers their preferred method of communication is an easy way to know how to communicate effectively with them. According to the JMA Group:

“While you may prefer email, the customer might prefer text messages. Or the customer might have a limited texting plan on their phone, and actually get upset if you constantly bombard them with text messages.  At the start of your relationship with each customer, take the time to ask, ‘What is the best way to stay in touch with you?  Would you rather I call, email or text you?’ This simple question can go a long way in helping you communicate more effectively with your customers.”

You can post a survey on your social media pages, or send out an email. You might just want to ask customers when talking to them on the phone.  Take the most popular vote and use that as your main form of communication or communicate with each customer with their preferred method.

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