Happy Customers = Successful Business


Happy Customers = Successful Business

Having happy customers will ensure your success as a business. The following are three tips for creating happy customers.

1. Communicate Effectively

Communication is key in any relationship, right? Right! This is especially the case for customers and employees of a business. It also makes a big difference in today’s world where almost everything has gone digital. It can sometimes prove difficult to properly communicate in the digital world. However, the way you communicate with your customers sets the tone for their entire experience with your company. According to Customer Think: “Effective communication skills are rarely found in businesses yet communication is the most important factor in providing excellent service. It prevents misunderstandings and miscommunications, which are the most common problems in most customer service settings.”

Be Kind

The first thing to always remember is that you should communicate with your customers as a human. Don’t ever send canned responses or use wording that doesn’t match the company brand you’ve created. They should feel like there is an actual human behind every email or every message they receive. Part of effective communication is learning how to listen to your customers. Before you start thinking about how you’re going to respond to their question or issue, stop and think about what they’re saying. You will be able to understand more fully why they feel the way they do and figure out the actual problem. From there you can figure out how to respond and take care of them. Sometimes all a customer needs is to vent their frustrations. The next thing to remember is be kind. Never treat your customer poorly, even if they’ve behaved poorly toward you. They will always remember if they’ve been demeaned or degraded by a company. They will also tell all their friends about it. Lastly, always remember to say “please” and “thank you.”

2. Build Trust

There are many different ways to build trust with your customers. They should feel like you are the expert in your industry. Always be honest with them. Customers will be able to tell if they’re being lied to or if the truth is being stretched regarding a product or service. Make them aware of any changes in your terms of services or if you’ve made a mistake. Honesty is always appreciated. Part of building trust is managing expectations to ensure that they are met. Don’t promise something that you can’t accomplish.

3. Be Responsible

Lastly, responsibility is a large factor in creating happy customers. The golden rule of customer service: the customer is always right. Always. It is important to make them feel like you are on their side, no matter what. When they feel like you don’t believe them or you blame them for their problem, they will not become more cooperative. If you’ve told a customer you will follow-up with them at a later time regarding a question you didn’t have the answer to at the moment, do it! Never let those opportunities pass you by. According to Kissmetrics, “Following up on your promises helps show the transparency of your business, while helping to build a feeling of trust and dependability with your audience.” Sometimes, go the extra mile to take care of a customer. You never know when it might pay off in a big way.

By following these three tips, you’ll be sure to gain happy customers. Search Engine Land stated: “A Harris Interactive survey recently commissioned by Lithium found that happy customers – those that have a great brand experience – spend up to one-third of their disposable income with those brands.” Happy customers will remember you for future purchases. They will refer your company to their friends and family members. Having happy customers means that your company will be successful.