Going Digital Today


Going Digital: 3D instructions

What It Means to Go Digital

We hear the term “going digital” often. However, what exactly does that mean? McKinsey describes it as “rethinking how to use new capabilities to improve how customers are served. This is grounded in an obsession with understanding each step of a customer’s purchasing journey (regardless of channel) and thinking about how digital capabilities can design and deliver the best possible experience, across all parts of the business.” BILT discovered the need for customers to have a 3D digital experience to assist them in assembling products. We knew that creating a visual, digital experience would help to decrease product returns and increase customer happiness exponentially. Going digital can create positive experiences for your customers. BILT can help you do that simply by adding your product assembly instructions to our easy-to-use app. When determining how new digital capabilities can help your customers, there are a few things to consider.

Save the Environment

Living in this age, there are many concerns about saving our environment. It’s extremely important to people nowadays to take care of our climate and surroundings. We have learned how important it is to maintain our environment so that we can also maintain health and happiness. Panda stated: “Today’s information and communication technologies provide many opportunities for businesses to function with far less paper.” There is an extreme urgency to be more environmentally minded as a company. With all of the technology that we have today, it is easy to use less paper and still assist customers in the best way. Customers will recognize the efforts that BILT and our partners are making to eliminate paper use. Paper instructions are not only outdated but are extremely more difficult to understand and follow. Saving paper will help to save our environment as well as save the customer experience.

Visual Learning

Due to the advancements in technology in the past few years, we are always surrounded by visual stimulations. According to Shift Learning, 65% of the population are visual learners. This means that the best way they learn is by viewing information via pictures, graphics, tables, etc. Providing an empowering visual experience for your customers is what we aim to do. Our 3D instructions take customers through a step-by-step guide with videos and images of each piece of hardware that is needed for all steps. It also provides a 360-degree experience by allowing you to move the product in any direction with a swipe of the finger. It doesn’t get more visual than that. With more than half of the population being visual learners, going digital is a smart move to make for the future of your business.

Going Digital Is the Future

According to Forbes, “By 2020, more than seven billion people and businesses, and at least 30 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. With people, businesses and things communicating, transacting, and even negotiating with each other, a new world comes into being – the world of digital business.” This new world will be upon us soon. By not going digital today, you will be left behind in the future. More and more people are choosing to connect to the digital world as each day passes. BILT has obsessed about understanding each step of your customer’s journey and we can help deliver the best possible digital experience. Join us in going digital and creating an even greater visual experience for your customers.