How to Get a Product on the BILT app


So you’ve decided to see what all the 3D fuss is about.  How do you get a product on the BILT app?  First, you should identify a hand full of your “problem products”, the ones with the highest returns or those that require the most time and energy from your customer support staff.  We love a challenge.

Three Simple Things

To create BILT Intelligent Instructions®, we need three things:  first, an .stp or .step file for each SKU (if you don’t have any 3D CAD, we can create it for you),  second, the product itself, and third, any 2D paper (PDF) instruction manuals or videos you have for the product.

BILT Instruction Designer working with 3D CAD

It usually takes longer to locate and send the CAD files than it does for BILT to create the 3D procedure.   Eventually, we will also need a marketing image and a high resolution logo, but we can get started right away on just those three things.  If you need help getting your CAD from the factory in China, we have produced a letter in Mandarin assuring the factory that we will need only the 3D images.  We will strip out any metadata or proprietary information to create beautiful step-by-step instructions that look exactly like your product.

BILT Instruction Designer Measuring a product

Making the Magic

Once the .step files, the product, and the 2D paper instructions arrive at our Global Support Center in Dallas, Texas, the BILT Instruction Designers work their magic.  They are the best in the world at creating clear, concise, intuitive, interactive  instructions.  They are dedicated to making BILT users wildly successful at every procedure, no matter how complex the task.  BILT Instruction Designers apply their expertise, having done thousands of products across many different industries, to create an  experience so empowering, so wonderful, that literally, a 10-year-old can assemble or install that product.

Even a Kid Can Do It!

Bonus Video

As a bonus, BILT provides a video scrape of the entire assembly or installation (pause/play) for online content for your Product Information Page.  Several brands add music and add it to their A+ space on Amazon.  Retailers including Grainger, Amazon, Overstock, and Wayfair confirm a good “how-to” product assembly video at the Point of Sale can increase sales by 24%.  Some video companies charge up to $10K for a professional product assembly video, but BILT provides it free of charge.

Have Instructions, Will Travel

In most cases, the entire process takes a matter of 3 to 5 business days.  Once BILT’s Instruction Designers finish the procedure they review it with the brand and it can be published.  But as data comes in and it becomes clear that one of the steps could be improved, the updates to the procedure can be made in real time.  Instructions are never obsolete.  BILT is available in 134 countries in 26 different languages.