The Importance of Early Adopters


Early adopters of the BILT for customer assembly seeing positive returns

What is an Early Adopter?

According to a theory called the Diffusion of Innovations, there are four types of people in a social society:

Early adopters
Early majority
Late majority

These different types are dependent on how they communicate an innovative idea to the rest of the public. Tech Target defines early adopters as, “A person who embraces new technology before most other people do.” They might also be called opinion leaders. They can see the importance of the new product or service. Early adopters can help influence the attitude of those who are late adopters. Innovators are those that come up with an original idea for a product or service. Together, innovators and early adopters can be a very strong team in shaping the way all others view a creative business or product idea.

Why are Early Adopters so Critical?

Someone who is an early adopter is critical to a business because they recognize that something new can be good and they are the type of people that like to share it with others that might be afraid to try new things. The Pew Research Center conducted a survey and concluded that “technology is changing the ways people seek and get knowledge, communicate and work. But Americans still tend to embrace familiarity over newness when it comes to their choices of new products.”

Technology plays a large role in how business is conducted in today’s world. Paper is a thing of the past. Everything is being digitally converted. A lot of those later adopters are waiting to hear about a product or service from someone else who has already used it. With the help of early adopters who are okay with trying new products and services, we can help other Americans embrace new ideas.

BILT Needs You, the Early Adopters

We recognize that we need your help in influencing others that the service we provide is necessary and great. History proves that when early adopters and innovators work together, both will be rewarded. As business owners, we all recognize the need to stay caught up with technological advances and, therefore, customer needs. Innovation Labs stated, “The best innovators work in ‘partnership’ with the early adopters of a new idea. Early adopters know they have a problem to solve, and are actively seeking a solution, while a majority of the market are either not aware of their problem, or not yet seeking a solution.”

At BILT, we know that electronic assembly instructions, installation, set-up, maintenance, and repair guides are the future. We need your help to make everyone else aware of the solution for inconvenient, confusing paper directions. When we work together, we can provide fun and easy-to-understand guidance for your customers. We want to help decrease the number of customer service calls. as well as increase customer happiness. Working together means decreasing and healing customer pain points. Working together means fewer product returns. Let’s work together.