Consumers Delighted by 3D Assembly Instructions


Candid photos spark Thank You Campaign

TUCSON, AZ, September 21, 2016 —  An experiment was underway. Participants were put in individual rooms and given either paper assembly instructions or the BILT app, and asked to put together a baby swing. BILT developers wanted to compare the speed and ease of assembly between the groups to assess user experience. A photographer quietly moved between the individuals, her shutter snapping away. What she captured was, as they say, worth a thousand words.

Complicated 2D instructions BILT app 3D solution

Paralyzed by Paper Instructions

The Paper Experience

“There was a lot of wrinkled brows, shaking heads, glassy stares and overall tension in the body language of the paper assembly parents,” said Gina Henderson, Director of Marketing for BILT Inc.  Many of their efforts took more than twice as long as those who used the BILT app. “Some were full of anxiety and dread at the prospect of even beginning the task. One mom even asked if she could quit, explaining that the job was not something she’d ever try to take on by herself–she would force her husband to do it,” she continued. “It was painful to watch. Others seemed to move in slow motion, trying to keep track of the steps and understand the way the pieces fit together.”

BILT app interactive 3D assembly instructions

Empowering User Experience

The BILT Experience

Pictures of the BILT app users told a completely different story. “There were audible gasps as a few of them touched their screen and saw how the 3D images moved,” said photographer Reyna Peery. “Their faces lit up and literally every single one of them smiled. That was what struck me the most. They were excited and optimistic about getting the job done. They thought it was fun. It was like night and day.” The interactive nature of the BILT app allows users to zoom in and out and manipulate the 3D images so they can see the underside of the parts involved.

Interactive BILT solution assembly reduces returns

Delighted by 3D Assembly Instructions

The BILT Process

The text and voice-guided instructions play step by step through the assembly process allowing users to work at their own speed. But unlike YouTube videos, users can interact with the 3D assembly instructions.

The app collects this data and BILT provides analytics to the manufacturer, so updates can be made quickly and painlessly. “We can see where users get stuck. We can help overcome design flaws and give feedback to manufacturers to let them know which steps need clarification because they cause a slowdown in the pace of the project,” said Mike Wencel, VP of Content Engineering & Development, BILT Inc. “Our goal is to perfect the assembly experience.”

Throughout the market test, BILT designers made a total of 38 changes in real time to the 3D instructions. Besides shaving an hour off the total assembly time, BILT’s solution overcame design flaws and clarified several vague procedures. The first participant who used paper instructions needed 90 minutes, but with the final version of BILT 3D assembly instructions, it only took 20. When you’re a new parent with a fussy baby, an hour is an eternity. One mom immediately made that connection. She said, “Wow! This company gets it–they care about my time. They’ve made the assembly process fast and easy and that’s important to me.”

“Companies who provide BILT 3D assembly instructions send the message that they understand parents’ time is precious,” said Henderson. “We’ve all been there, right? Whether it’s a baby swing or a car seat or a toddler bike, the goal is to get it assembled quickly or installed correctly with confidence that baby is safe, so we can be on our way.”

What emerged was an overwhelmingly positive response to the brand by the users of the BILT app when assessing Net Promoter Scores (NPS). The paper assembly participant scores fluctuated between 2 and 6 on the NPS scale, making them product “Detractors,” or no great fans of the brand. But the participants using the BILT app scored the baby swing 9.5, meaning they were “Promoters” of the product and would recommend the brand to their friends.

Consumers Thank Manufacturers

3D assembly instructions Ingenuity Baby Swing

Time is Precious

“When several of the app users thanked us for letting them participate, we knew we were on to something,” said Nate Henderson, BILT CEO. “What if consumers had such a great user experience assembling their new products that they thanked the manufacturers for putting their instructions on the BILT app?” Plans are underway to add a final step to instructions following the Product Warranty Registration page. Users will soon have the opportunity to upload a selfie with their newly-assembled product in a template to post on social media. The BILT Thank You Campaign provides an avenue for promoters be heard.

Bell Child Carrier on BILT app 3D assembly instructions

Safety is Paramount

One way manufacturers are rewarded for providing BILT 3D assembly instructions is by improved customer reviews and higher NPS. Research indicates consumers are most likely to comment on social media or recommend products to their friends within 6-12 hours of opening the box. The less expensive the product, the shorter that window stays open. The trouble is that more and more, people are shopping online and products arrive at their homes with “some assembly required.” Those words strike fear into the hearts of many consumers. The fact that products are becoming more and more complex doesn’t exactly help.

But we can.

BILT 3D interactive instructions provide a wildly better assembly experience, so that users feel empowered, excited and enthusiastic during those first critical hours when they’re most likely to show off their new purchase, brag about the brand or even tout their assembly skills (see The IKEA Effect: When Labor Leads to Love).  Partner with us and your customers will thank you for giving them 3D instructions on BILT.