Clarus Glassboards Shatters Tradition with BILT Intelligent Instructions


Fort Worth, TX — The BILT team converged on the campus of Clarus Glassboards to see what makes Clarus the industry leader for glass dry erase boards. The team toured the factory and learned about innovative new products that lend themselves to endless design possibilities and discovered how BILT can help Clarus ensure a faster, easier installation.

With the introduction of the award-winning Flip, Clarus pivots from primarily pre-assembled products to offerings that don’t need to be crated. Flip panels are shipped with all the mounting materials included in the box, thus expanding their marketability–and with BILT’s Intelligent Instructions, you don’t need a professional furniture installer to safely attach them to the wall. Flip can be designed with glass on both sides or sound proofing material called Clarus Felt on one side. It’s completely customizable: there are 150 glass colors, 13 frame colors, 15 felt colors and 5 texture styles. Flip Glass is magnetic and tempered to be 5x stronger than regular glass.

The tempering process is tested every hour and the glass is washed seven times during the customization process. The BILT team got in on the action, assisted with a routine tempering test and witnessed a perfect shatter when CEO Nate Henderson pierced the sample in one blow: not a single shard of glass was larger than three inches.

Step by Step 3D Instructions

Clarus Glassmaster Ben Kraft shows BILT’s Nate Henderson how to perform a perfect temper test

Installation of this individualized art can be tricky, not because the glassboards aren’t perfect, but because most walls aren’t exactly flat. And because the panels are substantial, it’s helpful to do it right the first time. That’s where the BILT team knew they could help. With Intelligent Instructions TM, Flip goes up in a snap. Using Clarus CAD, BILT VP of Content Engineering & Development Michael Wencel designed a step by step interactive 3D experience.

BILT’s Mike Wencel creates step by step Intelligent Instructions for Clarus’ Flip Glassboards

It’s a state of the art solution appropriate for Clarus’ cutting edge architectural systems, and because BILT provides project analytics, the instructions can be analyzed and updated in real time. Download the free BILT app and see how Intelligent Instructions shatter traditional paper instructions, and help forward-thinking industry leaders like Clarus Glassboards make installation quicker and easier.